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LPS Student Services Staff

Christa Anderson, Ed.S.

Angie Kovarik, Ed.S.

Student Services Director PK-12

(308) 324-1209

Amy Pepplitsch

Student Services 6-12 Coordinator

Marni Baker

SpEd Compliance Assistant
(308) 324-1210

Kerri Dangler

Special Education Staff

Please click on the appropriate building to see the inclusive team that will be providing special education services for students


              Robin Einspahr                                               Sara Oberg CCC-SLP                                                            Maria Salas 

Early Inclusive Interventionist                            Speech Language Pathologist                              Early Inclusive Paraprofessional


            Lindsy Albrecht                                                              Lyndi Miller                                                             Elizabeth Wilson

                  ESU#10                                                                           ESU#10                                                                       ESU#10

   EDN Service Coordinator                                        EDN Service Coordinator                                        EDN Service Coordinator



              Maura Rabe, OTR/L                                          Skyler Roemmich PT/DPT                                              Kristine Einspahr

            Occupational Therapist                                           Physical Therapist                                                   School Psychologist


                Nicole Lopez                                                              Kendra Myers                                                           Tesla Nelson 

Early Inclusive Interventionist                                 Early Inclusive Interventionist                             Early Inclusive Interventionist



             Kristine Einspahr                                               Sara Oberg CCC-SLP                                        Cassie Kreitman OTR/L

          School Psychologist                                  Speech Language Pathologist                                Occupational Therapist

                                               Skyler Roemmich, PT/DPT                                         Caitlin Boryca, CCC-SLP
                                                        Physical Therapist                                       Speech-Language Pathologist


             Ashley Diaz                                                          Bradi Stieb                                                   Emily Weitzenkamp 

      Special Education Teacher                         Special Education Teacher                             Special Education Teacher



                                               Amy Schroeder, CCC-SLP                                  Cassie Kreitman OTR/L

                                            Speech Language Pathologist                            Occupational Therapist



                                     Skyler Roemmich, PT/DPT                                                Josey Blessin

                                           Physical Therapist                                                      School Psychologist

                                                                                                      Leah Keaschall                                                      Mariah Neill                                                       Jennifer Brockmeier

  Special Education Teacher                                 Special Education Teacher                                Special Education Teacher



                                                Caitlyn Boryca, CCC-SLP                                         Hilary Klammer                                         

                                            Speech Language Pathologist                               School Psychologist




                              Maura Rabe, OTR/L                                           Skyler Roemmich, P                

                          Occupational Therapist                                         Physical Therapist


             Lori Pflaster                                                        Chloe Carlson                                             Gabbie Renderos

     Special Education Teacher                             Special Education Teacher                       Special Education Teacher

            STARS Program                                                   2nd Grade                                                             3rd Grade


               Blaike Edeal                                           Jenna Van Haute, CCC-SLP                                    Kristine Einspahr                                               

    Special Education Teacher                         Speech Language Pathologist                             School Psychologist


                                                                  Maura Rabe, OTR/L                                       Skyler Roemmich, PT/DPT

                                                                Occupational Therapist                                       Physical Therapist


                  Julie Samson                                                     Emma Stahlecker                                                   Michelle Pratt

          Special Education Teacher                               Special Education Teacher                              Special Education Teacher                                  



             Lori Shutts CCC-SLP                                                  Josey Blessin                                                      Maura Rabe, OTR/L

    Speech Language Pathologist                                        School Psychologist                                     Occupational Therapist




                                                                                     Skyler Roemmich, PT/DPT

                                                                                          Physical Therapist


            Audrey Feeney                                                             Carrie Stallbaumer                                                      Derek Persson

   Special Education Teacher                                         Special Education Teacher                                 Special Education Teacher

               6th Grade                                                                         6th Grade                                                                   7th Grade   


                Chuck Foster                                                             Emmily Monrroe                                                      

   Special Education Teacher                                        Special Education Teacher                                 

                   7th Grade                                                                       8th Grade                                                                


               Erin Haines                                                                        Micki Lauby                                                      Ann Osborn, CCC-SLP

      Special Education Teacher                                        Special Education Teacher                           Speech Language Pathologist

Developmental Learning Program                                          STARS Program                                                         6th Grade


      Stacy Strauss CCC-SLP                                                         Josey Blessin                                              Skyler Roemmich PT-DPT

Speech-Language Pathologist                                         School Psychologist                                             Physical Therapist

               7-8th Grade                                                                                                                                         


            Becky Archer                                                                     Abbie Benson                                                           Mary Reimers

  Special Education Teacher                                         Special Education Teacher                                      Special Education Teacher



                Tara Fouts                                                                        Kiley Labs                                                            Kathy Halouska

   Special Education Teacher                                         Special Education Teacher                                 Special Education Teacher



 Hilary Klammer, Ed.S., NCSP                                            Stacy Strauss, CCC-SLP                                             Maura Rabe, OTR/L

       School Psychologist                                              Speech-Language Pathologist                                    Occupational Therapist



                                                                                             Skyler Roemmich, PT/DPT

                                                                                                    Physical Therapist

Special Education services are provided to all students with a verified disability who reside in the Lexington Public School district. These services are provided from birth through the age of 21 or until graduation requirements are met. Special education programs and services are integrated within each of the seven buildings in the Lexington Public Schools.


A continuum of services and programs are available, depending on the needs of each individual child. The goal of special education is to enable children with unique learning needs to reach their full potential. Every effort is made to maintain all students in classrooms with their age-appropriate peers in the least restrictive environment. Special educators collaborate with classroom teachers as they problem-solve strategies that will support the unique learning needs of each student.

Early Childhood Special Education
Many parents have concerns that their child may not be developing at the same rate as other children. Sometimes these concerns stem from a doctor appointment, known physical conditions, or parental concerns. If you are looking for more information about your child's development or need additional help, you're in the right place.
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STARS Programs
Student Therapy and Resource Services
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Resources for Parents
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504 Policy

It is the policy of the Board of Education not to discriminate against any otherwise qualified individual with a disability solely by reason of his/her disability, in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, any program or activity.

It is the intent of the district to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are identified, evaluated and provided with appropriate educational services.  Students may be disabled under this policy even though they do not require services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

Due process rights of students with disabilities and their parents under Section 504 will be enforced.

Mrs. Christa Anderson is the coordinator of the Section 504 activities.

Early Intervention

It is never to early to begin to help your child learn and achieve to the best of his or her ability.

Our Early Intervention program serves children birth to 5 years, who have a verified disability.  Lexington Public Schools Early Intervention Special Education teacher is Robin Einspahr.  Most children will reach developmental milestones of communication skills, motor skills, social skills, and thinking skills within an average child’s learning range.  If you have any concerns about your child’s development and your child is Birth to age 2 years please contact 308-237-2280 for Services Coordination Early Development Network and if your child is age 3 to age 5 please contact Robin Einspahr at 308-324-1841.

Referral Procedures

Children Birth Through 2

Referrals can be made to Services Coordination at 1-800-689-7131 or the Office of Student Services at 308-324-1209. The Services Coordinator then works with the educational team to conduct any appropriate assessments to determine eligibility.


Children Ages 3-21

Referrals can be made directly to your child’s teacher, to the building principal, or to the Office of Student Services at 308-324-1209.


Children Not Currently In School

For children not currently in school, a preschool assessment team will conduct interviews with the parents, observations of the child, and likely administer some assessments to the child to determine eligibility for special education services. The parents are an important member of this Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation.


School aged children

For school-aged children, the referral goes to a Student Problem Solving Team which gathers input, implements strategies and research based interventions, tracks progress and gathers data and determines when a referral to the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is appropriate.


Students That Move into the District

For students who move into the district and have received special education services in the previous district, it is important for parents to bring to the school the child’s Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation Report and Individualized Education Plan from the previous school. The IEP team can then determine the necessary steps to reinstate or continue special education services for the child.


Former LPS Special Education Students

Notice to Former Lexington Public Schools Special Education Students​

Special Education records will be destroyed on January 31st, 2024 for any former Lexington Public School student in SPED, who has not received special education services for at least seven years prior to December 31st, 2023. Former students or parents may request copies of their Special Education records by calling the Lexington Special Education Department at (308) 324-1207 prior to December 16, 2023.


El 31 de enero de 2024 se destruirán los registros de Educación Especial de todo alumno en Educación Especial de las Escuelas Públicas de Lexington que no haya recibido servicios de educación especial durante el espacio de cinco años antes del 31 de diciembre de 2023. Los ex alumnos o padres pueden pedir copias de sus registros de educación especial al comunicarse con el Departamento de Educación Especial de Lexington al 308-324-1207 antes del 16 de diciembre de 2023.



Rikoodhyada Waxbarashada Khaaska ah waa layska tuuri doonaa 17ka bisha January, 2023 kuwa ay leeyihiin ardayda horay uga mid ahaan jirtay barnaamijka waxbarashada khaaska ah, kuwaas oonan adeegyada waxbarashada khaaska ah helin ugu yaraan shan sano kahor December 31deeda, 2023. Ardayda ama waalidiinta horay uga mid ahaan jirtay barnaamijka way codsan karaan in ay helaan nuqullo ah rikoodhyada ayakoo wacaya Waaxda Waxbarashada Khaaska ah ee Lexington lambarkoodu yahay (308) 324-1207 kahor December 16keed, 2023 inta aanan la gaarin.

Child Find

What is Child Find?

Child Find is a required and continuous process of public awareness activities, screening and evaluation designed to locate, identify, and refer as early as possible all children with disabilities between the ages of birth and twenty-one. Children and youth who are suspected of being in need of an Early Intervention Program or Special Education Program, children between the ages of birth and 21 must meet eligibility guidlines according to Nebraska regulations. For more information about Child Find or to refer a child for eligibility screening for one of these programs, please contact Mrs. Robin Einspahr or Mrs. Angie Kovarik at Lexington Public Schools.


¿Qué es Child Find?

Child Find es un continuo y requerido proceso de actividades de concientización, detecciones y evaluaciones diseñadas para localizar, identificar y referir, lo más temprano posible, a todo niño con discapacidades entre las edades de nacimiento a 21 años de edad. Todo niño o joven del que se sospeche que necesite un Programa de Intervención Temprana, Servicios de Educación Especial Preescolares, o Servicios de Educación Especial para los de edad escolar, deben referirse a las Escuelas Públicas de Lexington. Los niños entre las edades de nacimiento y 21 años  de edad deben satisfacer los requistos de elegibilidad en acuerdo con las regulaciones de Nebraska para recibir un Programa de Intervención Temprana, o un Programa de Educación Especial. Para más información sobre Child Find o para referir a un niõ a una investigación de elegibilidad para unos de los programas, favor de comunicarse con la Sra. Robin Einspahr o con la Sra. Angie Kovarik en las Escuelas Públicas de Lexington.


Waa Maxay Helida IImaha?

Helida Ilmaha waa loobahanyahay waana hab joogto u ah hawlaha ogaalka dadweynaha, baaritaanka iyo qiimeynta loogu talagalay in la meeleeyo, la soo saaro, loona gudiyo sida ugu dhakhsaha badan dhamman ilmaha naafada ah oo u dhexeeya umusha illaa labaatan iyo kow sano jir. Caruurta iyo dhallinta looga shakiyo inay u baahanyihiin barnaamijka caawinta ilmaha naafada ah oona ku jira heerka gur-guurashada iyo wixii ka yar, adeegyada waxbarashada khaaaska ah ee barbaarinta/xanaanada, ama adeegyada waxbarshada khaaska ah ee ilmaha da’da dugsiga gaaray waa in loo gudbiyaa Dugsiyada Dadweynaha Lexington. Si loo helo barnaamijyada caawinaada ee horey loosoo sheegay, ilmaha ay da’doodu u dhaxeyso umasha illaa 21 sano waa in ay u qalmaan tilmaamaha laga so xiganayo xeeraka Nebraska. Warbixin dheeraad ah oo ku saabsan Helida Ilmaha ama gudbiska ilmaha u galma barnaamijadan mid kamid ah, Fadlan la xariir Marwo Angie Kovarik ama Marwo Robin Einspahr oo laga helo dugsiyada waxbarashada Lexington.