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The Quick Tip

The Quick Tip feature provides a simple tipline allowing members of the community to communicate with the school district about pressing issues in a truly anonymous way.  Tips are sent using a form available online.


When sending a tip, tip submitters will select the relevant school or organization, the topic which best describes their tip, and then enter the tip message. If they have an image related to the tip, they have the option of attaching it to their message. If tip submitters want to include contact information, there are also fields to allow them to do so. Once tips are submitted, authorized school personnel may log into the system to view the latest tips.

See Something,
Send Something App

Our app empowers the ciitzen to gather evidence in non-emergency, non-life threatening suspicious or criminal situations.  The app can activate the smart device’s camera, video camera and/or microphone to cature exactly what the citizen wishes to report.  The citizen can provide a detailed description and contact information before sending the information to law enforcement in almost real time.  The app also features two way, real-time, anonymous or self-identified messaging with law enforcement.