Dr. John Hakonson

  • Ed D – Superintendent

Superintendent Pay Transparency Act

Julie Myers

  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Director

Angie Kovarik

  • Student Services Director

Andrew Welch

  • Finance Director

Kristi Jergensen

  • Technology Director

Bo Berry

  • Director of Buildings, Grounds and Transportation

Ann Foster

  • Curriculm Director Assistant

Tracy Naylor

  • Director, Early Learning Academy

Tiffany Denker

  • Principal, Bryan Elemenary

Nikki Edeal

  • Principal, Morton Elementary

Scott West

  • Principal, Lexington Middle School

Dr. Susie Melliger

  • Principal, Pershing Elementary

Jeff Wall

  • Assistant Principal, Lexington Middle School

Phil Truax

  • Athletic Director

Barry McFarland

  • Principal, Sandoz Elementary

Audrey Downey

  • Assistant Principal, Lexington High School

Kyle Hoehner

  • Principal, Lexington High School

Cynthia Baum

  • Assistant Principal, Lexington High School