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Dr. John Hakonson

John Hakonson was named Superintendent of Lexington Public Schools in January 2012, voted by the Lexington Public Schools Board of Education, and assumed the office duties in July 2012.


The Lexington Public School District supports 7 schools, over 500 staff, and more than 3,000 students.


Dr. Hakonson is a graduate of Wisner-Pilger High School, he received his bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s in secondary education from Trinity University in Texas. He has his educational specialist degree and doctorate in education administration from the University of South Dakota.

Superintendent Pay Transparency Act

Director of Student Programs

Angela Kovarik

Student services is the department of services and support for student success at education to enhance student growth and development in our school district.  Also, is responsible for providing and implementing all instructional materials throughout the district.  


Director of Finance

Drew Welch

The business and finance department is responsible for all budget and fiscal responsibilities.  This also includes but not limited to HR, payroll, and lunch transactions.   


Director of Technology

Mark Burson

The technology department is responsible for providing technology leadership, products, and services for supporting technology throughout the school district. 


Supervisor of Maintenance, Building & Grounds, & Transportation

Bo Berry

Supervisor of Food Services

Maria Vargas