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Western Civilization


Mr. DeLaet



            In Western Civilization, we have just finished up our unit on the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte. Our new unit focuses on the events leading up to World War I and the actual war itself. Some of the topics we discussed before the war include: imperialism, industrialization, communism, capitalism, and socialism.

            The Industrial Revolution was a time of great manufacturing advancement around the world. Things such as the cotton gin, the spinning Jenny, the steam engine, and the telegraph have all been improved on to get us to our current technological advancements.

            In class, I challenged students to come up with their own invention. An invention made of only paper and tape that can withstand the weight of as many textbooks as possible. There were many great “inventions” and some that crumpled right away. Our winning team was able to stack up 45 textbooks using only paper and tape! This activity brought some fun and creativity to our class while learning about others whose inventions had a great impact in the world.