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American History students have been leering about the Civil War. Throughout the course of the second quarter we have looked at the events leading up to the Civil War including the caning of Charles Sumner. Students were instructed to draw a graphic novel of the event. The following are just a few examples of the graphic novels that they created!

A reform of our own

Western Civilization: The students in Western Civilization recently learned about the protestant reformation. Martin Luther wanted to bring reform to the Catholic Church. Luther came up with a list of 95 Theses or reforms for the church.


The students came up with their own reforms including things that they would want to see changed/added at Lexington High School.

Below are a few of the ideas that 5th period came up with:

  • Longer passing periods
  • Early dismissals on Fridays
  • More parking spaces
  • Classes that prepare them for the real world