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An epithet is a label attached to a person’s name to highlight a feature or quality of that person’s character; for example, “Alexander the Great” is commonly used to help students remember the term epithet. Epithets are one of the literary devices used in Beowulf, the piece of literature we are currently studying in English 4 and College English II. Each student in College English II created an epithet for his or her shoulder partner. Some of the epithets are given below:


Acevedo-Barrios, Esmeralda—Mean Esmeralda the Farm Girl

Arias-Barrios, Fernando—Athletic Fernando the Stud

Bailey, Ean—Squirmy Ean the Squirrel; Jumpy Ean the Stud

Calmo-Martin, Maritza—Funny Maritza the Chapin

Con, Alfredo—Intelligent Alfredo the Believer

Dewey, August–Smart August the Gamer

Dominguez, Christian—Immature Chris the Squid

Eldridge, Tessa—Smart Tessa the Intelligent

Espitia, Sandra—Quiet Sandra the Nice

Gibbons, Cameron—Cool Cameron the Nomad

Hernandez, Rosa—Funny Rosa the Thoughtful

Hoisington, Wilmer—Monster Willy the Great

Jimenez-Ambriz, Gabriella—Goofy Gibby the Visco Queen

Mendez-Ortiz, Esmeralda—Mighty Esmeralda the Lifter

Ramirez, Gabriela—Nice Gaby R, the Quiet

Rebolorio-Hernandez, Jocelyn—Smart Jocelyn the Student

Richman, Dylan—Magnificent Dylan the Basketball Player

Rodriguez, Maryssa—Quiet Maryssa the Intelligent

Salinas, Damian—Cool Damian the Academic

Stewart, Austyn—Big Bliss the Baller

Sutton, Madison—Strong Madison the Leader

Virgilio-Francisco, Jessica—Small Jessics the Guatemalan

Wightman, Celia—Wise Celia the Friend

Young, Eli—Tall Eli the Baller

Amos, Taeton—Intelligent Tate the Long-Haired

Anaya, Jasmine—Sarcastic Jasmine the Fun Friend

Brock, Simon—Stylish Simon the Cool Guy

Canales-Dubon, Bethzy—Beautiful Bethzy the Funny

Converse, Sabrina—Kind Sabrina the Intelligent

Holbrook, Carly—Calm Carly the One Kneed

Howard, John—“Outspoken” John the Dog Lover

Mohamed, Falhado—Quiet Falhado the Talkative Chick Next to Me

Ramos-Gonzalez, Jacqueline—Lively Jackie the Happy-Virus

Romero-Esquivel, Julia—Silent Julia with the Black Boots

Saiz, Nicholas—Smooth Nick the Baller

Vazquez, Alejandra—Short Alex the Bully

Vazquez, Yahaira—Quiet Yahaira the Tennis Player

Zamora-Saenz, Carolyn—Intellectual Carolyn the Defender