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When the dismissal bell rang out on Friday, January 29, most students made a beeline for the door, anxious to begin their weekend. However, in Becky Archer’s classroom, students were buzzing as they made the final edits to their application for the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Scholarship.

Ms. Archer, a 37-year veteran teacher who has taught at Lexington High School for the last 17 years, looks forward to 3rd quarter scholarship season. She is honored to come alongside students and assist them in completing the application process for local, state, and national scholarships. However, the Susan Thompson Buffett scholarship is one of the most sought after scholarships in Nebraska high schools.

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Scholarship has offered scholarships to college students in Nebraska for over 50 years. The Susan T. Buffett scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis to first-time freshmen entering college, who live in Nebraska, are a graduate from a Nebraska high school (or GED), and who plan to attend a Nebraska public college. Other requirements for the Susan T. Buffett scholarship includes having a 2.0 GPA, obtaining one recommendation, completing a Student Aid Report, submitting a high school transcript, and submitting a 500 – 1,000 word essay.

Ms. Archer is well-known at LHS for assisting students with their scholarship applications. This year alone, she has mentored many students setting them on a path to achieve their post-secondary academic dreams of the future.


~Ms. Temple

Ms. Archer assists senior Jaime Colon with his Susan T. Buffett Foundation scholarship.

Kristal and Angelina Navarrete work to complete Kristal’s Susan T. Buffett Scholarship.

Alejandra Guerrero and Ariana Corado both LHS seniors put the final touches on their Susan T. Buffett Scholarship applications.