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In Spanish class we are learning about the benefits of using technology in the classroom to learn a new language. Students had some time to brainstorm about some of the benefits of technology in class and how it benefits their learning.

Students came up with the following five top benefits:

  1. Improves engagement: Students feel more connected to activities when they practice online with games rather than only lectures.
  2. Improves Knowledge retention: Students will remember vocabulary and grammar rules for a longer period of time when using technology methods.
  3. Encourages collaboration: Students enjoy working in groups and sharing digital materials for their homework or assignments.
  4. Improves motivation and productivity: Students will complete more work and assignments when using technology strategies as part of their daily work.    
  5. Benefits for teachers: Students know that technology instruction does not just benefit the students, but also the teachers to prepare material that is meaningful for their daily teaching lessons.

Students came up with the conclusion that technology in the foreign language classroom is essential in order to have a more meaningful and stress free class and a successful school year.



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