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Hello and welcome back to another episode of English and Speech at LHS. This semester is off to a good start in our English 2 courses. Our hope is to start the year by putting a special emphasis on writing. We will be writing argumentatively and expanding student’s ability to think critically about critical issues in our society. So far things have gone well.

In the year 2020, students are more connected than ever before. Kids know what is happening around them and I think it is important for us to recognize this reality and use it in the classroom. I’ve invited a lot of debating into the classroom in hopes of establishing a good base from where to write from. This year has been loaded with a lot of controversy and tragedy and I’ve also tried my best to get students to write their thoughts on things in order to cope with all that has happened. January was a very long month and we can only hope that things pick up in February.


Speaking of picking up, things have picked up for the Speech class and team. In class we have had a great time watching demonstration speeches that allow kids to take on the role of teacher and teach us how to do something. Our Speech team is looking to pick up steam after having 7 kids medal at our CNFL meet in Grand Island. We look to use this momentum as we travel to Gothenburg, North Platte, and York to wrap up the season. We also hope our message can once again hit the national spotlight. We will be traveling to Cheyenne, Wyoming for the national qualifying meet. This year’s focus has been on inspiring people and speaking for the voiceless. We hope we can make Lexington proud.