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In Mr. Flores’ intermediate Spanish class, we are currently taking the technology unit, for which we need to meet some of the following objectives that are part of the curriculum. To discuss the daily use of technology, to understand why technology has become part of our daily lives and what are the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Knowing the daily use of technology is vital for each student, because in this way they will understand the proper use of technology in their lives and how it helps to make life literally easier.

For this reason, we are currently developing a PowerPoint, which the students have to include 5 useful tools that contribute to the daily activities of each of the students and then they must include at least 5 strong arguments that support their decision of why they selected those technological tools. In addition, they must answer a set of open-ended questions that require information to support why they chose those technological items. The open-ended questions are intended to give the students the ability to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the daily use of technology.

We are preparing this activity during some periods’ classes and we have many expectations to learn how the technology can contribute with amazing advance every single day. Besides, everybody has curiosity about what the technology of the future might be over the next 20 years. The students will try to make some predictions about how this important science would be in the future. On the other hand, the students are very focused on how the technology is contributing in current areas like: Medicine, education, agriculture, and many more areas.

In conclusion, this unit seeks to make students aware of how technology would contribute positively or negatively to their lives even though 95% of them think positively about the technology impact in their lives and the other 5% believe that technology is absorbing too much time in their daily activities and they are not spending enough time with their friends and family. It’s interesting to know and listen to how the students can express their point of view about this topic that generates different opinions.

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