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In our Entrepreneurship class this semester our students are looking at people’s frustrations and problems to come up with businesses that will alleviate those problems. The students will complete projects over the semester to build their fictional business from the ground up. We are currently in the customer stage of development where students focus on a specific segment of a market in order to be appealing to the “right” customer. Some of our businesses this year include: An Air BNB for hunting (rent land to hunt on), Cake by the pint served in a bottle, a more affordable cell phone, and an app that lets you skip ahead in lines. The students have done a great job brainstorming and helping each other out in order to come up with a more clear and accurate view on the problem they are trying to solve. At the end of the semester the students will give a “Shark Tank” presentation to the class trying to persuade them to invest fictional money in their project.