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   Even though Sophomore Honors English students will be writing Research Papers in the third quarter of school, they are starting now to develop the small details that make a great paper.

   In the past two weeks, Honors English II students have been focusing on the parallel structure of sentences and the proper voice throughout sentences and paragraphs. Using two resources – No Red Ink and ACT Coach – the students have been recognizing, and writing correct sentences focusing on keeping the same voice and staying “parallel.”

    Students have reviewed voice – first, second and third – and corrected sentences that do not carry out the same voice.

     Correct parallel structure is usually easily identifiable by the use of verbs in sentences. Sophomore Honors English students have also identified correct parallel structure by the improper and proper use of nouns, adjectives and adverbs in sentences.

     Even though it is sometimes tedious work, by taking care of the small details of voice and parallel structure, the Sophomore Honors English students will be able to write a cohesive research paper.