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After completing Chapter One on Variables, Expressions, and Integers, students in Pre- Algebra have begun learning about solving equations in Chapter Two in our Holt McDougal curriculum. The chapter started with learning about the Commutative Property of Addition and Multiplication and the Associative Property of Addition and Multiplication. Students were able to use key words like order and grouping to remember the difference between the properties. With a lot of practice in class and repetition on vocabulary, students now have the skills to differentiate between both properties and apply the properties when simplifying numerical expressions and algebraic expressions.

Students also learned about the Distributive Property and how they can apply it to simplify an expression. They used key symbols like a dot, to remember they need to multiply and arrows to help them distribute the term correctly. Students were given the opportunity to use whiteboards, whiteboard markers and erasers, to practice their skills on the Distributive Property in class with their peers. They also asked questions during the review if they did not understand to prepare them for their quiz on the different properties, they can use to simplify expressions.