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For the last newsletter, the students in English 4 expressed their opinions on the Covid-19 pandemic. This time, you will get a chance to see some of the research topics for this year’s College English I students. The research paper is a persuasive essay. The research papers are due at the beginning of each class period on Wednesday, November 8, 2020.


Acencio, Gabriela—Banning of Books in Schools
Aguada-Mendez, Janet—Police Brutality
Allen, Keith—Undocumented Immigrants
Arteaga, Erika—Minimum Wage
Barrios-Sanchez, Sebastian—Gun Control

Casillas, Jose (Junior)—Smoking and Alcohol During a Pregnancy
Castaneda, Britney—Birth Control
Cureton, Marcus—“Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance
Davalos-Perez, Magdalena—Taxation in America
De la Torre, Angel—Tattoos and Discrimination

Fagot, Klair—Human Trafficking
Galvan-Mercado, Yoskar—Paying College Athletes
Galvan-Rodriguez, Xavi—Sci-Fi Predicting the Future
Garcia-Retana, Kennia—Child Psychology Effect
Gomez, Kimberly—Aid in Dying
Gomez-Paz, Elizabeth (Adriana)—Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences
Goodwin, Henry—Taxing and the Wealthy
Kuefner, Megan—Cell phones at School
Lazo, Ivan—Technology’s Effect on Children
Leon-Rodriguez, Jazmin—Importance of Parent Involvement
Morales-Rodriguez, Anthony—Defunding the Police
Ortiz-Chavez, Janette—Body Image
Ostrom, Jacquelin—Teenage Depression
Perez, Victoria—Violent Video Games
Perez-Gonzalez, Karely—Death Penalty
Ramirez, Narcizo—Police Reform
Sanchez, Omar—Vaccines

Sotelo-Munoz, Elmer—Battle of Stalingrad

Tovar-Batres, Jason—Pay College Athletes
West, Mackenzie—Mental Health Issues and School Shootings

Arevalo-Velasquez, Daniel—Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace
Avila-Adame, Sandra—Should Gay Couples be Allowed to Adopt
Benitez, Freddy—Can Money Buy Happiness?
Callahan, Shane—Death Penalty
Campos-Sandoval, Ivan—Legalized Marijuana in Nebraska
Chambers, Jacob—Video Violence in Video Games
Con, Leslie—Inequality Against Latina Women
Converse, Noah—Sleep Deprivation
Cordova, Eliza—Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Corzo, David—Teen Drug Use a Local Issue
Diaz, Leilany—Women Beauty Standards in the Media
Ellis, Kyle—Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves
Gonzalez, Alejandra—Spanking as an Appropriate/Inappropriate Form of Punishment
Huerta, Karly—Conversion Therapy
Neben, Caleb—Divorce
Parada, Jassmin—Child Rapists and the Death Penalty
Quinonez-Razo, Jaquelyn—Privacy in America
Ramirez-Zamora, Jessica—Corporal Punishment in Schools
Rojas, Alisha—Depression in the Elderly
Sanchez, Yadira—Corruption and the Sinaloa Cartel
Sayer, Joslyn—Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia
Sund, Addison—Mental Health in Athletes
Villalon, Amberly—Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals