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Lexington competed today at Omaha Creighton Prep in the All Class RAW State Powerlifting Meet.  There were 240 lifters on the day. Schools that competed include: Lexington, Bellevue East, Bellevue West, Omaha Gross, Omaha Skutt, Mount Michael, Lincoln Lutheran, Lincoln High, Conestoga, North Platte, Grand Island, Brownell Talbott, Papillion, Creighton Prep, Omaha Benson, Kearney High and Fremont.
Lexington competed well and had a great day!

RAW State All Class Powerlifting Meet Results


Boys Team - State Runner-Up
Girls Individual Results


Brooke Draskovic – State Champion

Yenifer Lopez – State Champion

Emilee Martinez – State Champion


McKinna Moats – State Champion

Crystal Serrano – State Champion

Megan Dang – State Runner-Up

Arlin Munoz – State Runner-Up

Jocelyn Otzoy – State Runner-Up

Leticia Virgilio – State Runner-Up

Kimberly Garcia – 3rd

Miriam Lemus – 3rd

Maricela Raymundo – 3rd

Nineht Arevalo – 4th

Rafaela Lopez – 4th

Litzy Morales – 4th


Edith Gonzalez – 5th

Katherine Martinez – 5th

Boys Individual Results

114lbs – Mario Rodriguez – 4th

114lbs – Anthony Taracena – State Runner-Up

123lbs – Diego Johnson – 4th

123lbs – Reyes Rivas – 3rd

123lbs – Kevin Parada – State Runner-up

132lbs – Rivaldo Vargas – 4th

148lbs – Alexis Ruyan – 4th

148lbs – Logan Dowling – State Runner-Up

181lbs – Andrew Rodriguez – 5th

198lbs – Francisco Rodriguez – 3rd

242lbs – William Santoyo – 4th

242lbs – Cesar Garcia – State Runner-Up

275lbs – Gabriel Alvarez – 5th

HWT – Juan Laguna – 3rd

HWT – Miguel Castellanos – State Runner-Up