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Geography has been learning about how natural resources affect both physical and human geography. Natural resources can be both renewable and nonrenewable and they both have different effects on the environment. Students were tasked with researching environmental crises that are occurring due to the depletion of resources as well as human activity. They had to create a 30 second video trailer detailing their environmental crisis to create awareness for the issue. Then they had to present a digital poster answering three key questions: How did the crisis begin, How long has the issue been a problem for, and provide a call to action about how we can solve the environmental problem.


Computer Science has been learning how to code web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript. This class is structured around problem solving and letting students figure out how to problem solve on their own. Computer Science is not a subject that only has one right answer, four different codes can accomplish the same goal. For a coding assignment, I gave students a resource sheet with commands. I gave them a list of items their website needed to include. The goal was to have students find the correct code on the resource sheet to be able to create their web pages. For students that are thinking about pursuing a career in Computer Science, all coding languages have resources available called API documentation that provide examples on how a certain task is accomplished and what it should be used for. Students enjoy that they are able to learn by creating projects they can be proud of.

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