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        Mr. Nielson’s Power, Structure, and Technology class has studied safety in the workplace, measuring and marking, hand and power tool safety. At the beginning of the year, we discussed safety of various pieces of equipment that are used in careers that involve agricultural mechanics. We want to thank AKRS for bringing a tractor and bailer to the Ag Shop to view the various parts of the tractor to see all of the working components of the tractor and safety devices on equipment.

        Recently students had to layout and mark a mounting bracket that will be used to attach to the birdhouses that they are in the process of building using power tools. Students marked their mounting bracket using a combination square and a scribe. They then center punched their parts and drill holes for the screws and drilled counter sink holes. The students have also crosscut the pieces for the birdhouses. Next week they will be ripping those pieces on the table saw and then begin assembly.

        Welding 1 students have completed their safety training. They have been utilizing the oxyacetylene cutting torch to cut thin and thick mild steel, pierce holes and make parts to print specifications. Using the cutting torch, they have also performed washing operations to remove the head and nut off bolts that were secured to parts. Other operations that the students are currently working on have been using E6010 and E7018 for build-up pads, and horizontal fillet welds. This last week they have begun using the Torchmate CAD software and the CNC plasma table to cut parts out according to part print specifications.

        Welding 2 students have completed their safety training. They are working on the wire welding processes of fillet welds in the horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions. Several students have moved onto groove welds in the flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions. Next semester they should be moving onto the TIG operations performing build-ups, fillet welds, and groove welds on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

        We want to say thank you to Orthman Manufacturing for providing steel to weld on for the Welding 1 and Welding 2 classes.


Keith Nielson

PST, Welding, and SkillsUSA