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Periodic Table Tankas 2024

Tankas by LHS chemistry students honoring the 155 th Anniversary of the Periodic Table (March
6, 2024). Tankas are Japanese poems consisting of five lines with 5-7-5-7-7 syllable pattern.

Elements are fun
There are periodic groups
These are in columns
There are groups of periods
These go horizontally

By Jayden Thorell

When you hear fizzles
Only one thing comes to mind
One that outlives all
But what could it be, oh it’s
The Periodic Table

By Tatiana Guerrero

Rows and columns shine
Elements in ordered dance
Tables rhythmic beat
Each symbol a masterpiece
Happy Birthday big table!

By Gerardo Alvarez-Victoria

Joyous occasion
of your anniversary
Helps in chemistry
Your elements all around
Forever a world treasure

By Maritza Gaitan

Today comes in bright
Happy anniversary
to the elements
Without it we would be dumb
Thanks to it we know big things!

By Ana Torralba

Elements are clear
Oganesson brings up rear
My life is better
When it accompanies me
Happy Birthday to chemistry GOAT!

By Braden Bender

Elements are cute
Happy birthday to my friend
Wish you many years
Please don’t be hard on others
So you’ll be loved even more.

By Abrianna Reynosa

Friend of chemistry
Neat and Effortless to use
My best friend for class
Creating brilliant minds
Congrats on one-fifty-five!

By Alizia Alvarez

It’s your big day!
Let us celebrate, hoo-ray!
Columns, periods
Fluorine keeps all your teeth clean
Carbon, helium, chlorine

By Harley Sund

It makes Juniors cry.
Elements make me crazy.
Chem has been a haze.
There’s so many elements.
It’s big like those elephants.

By Christian Burton

One hundred eighteen
are the elements involved.
Let’s party all night!
All chemists around the world
shall eat cake, Happy Birthday!

By Gerardo Alvarez-Rodriguez

It is my best friend.
I use it almost daily.
Makes chem easier.
Contains seven periods.
Celebrate the elements!

By Hannah Scharf

One-fifty-five years
Wow! Periodic Table!
Wisdom infinite.
You help me pass chemistry.
Thanks a lot for existing.

By Jesus Gomez

Table born today
Elements with many names
So many numbers
All aligned in their own way
Sometimes it can be a pain

By Henry Velasquez

Happy birthday to
the Periodic Table
Made by Mendeleev
Here since the eighteen-sixties
Helping all the scientists

By Ngonidzashe Chitnumba

The Periodic Table
Elements are atoms
Groups and periods are
organized to sort atoms
Table made by Mendeleev

By Gerardo Navarrete

Many elements
Make up small particles
Making up the world
Many different charges
My friend and my enemy

By Xavier Munoz

It’s the big table
Something we all look up to
This precious knowledge
And elements so divine.
An important thing to know.

By Chaigne Whetstine

One-fifty-five years!
Lined up in rows and columns
Father Mendeleev
Our chemical acquaintance
There to yield tough equations

By Andrea Melendez

Such a helpful friend
You come in clutch for chem tests
Thanks for your service
Without you I would be dead
All of your perfection

By Alexa Jimenez

Science has subjects…
So diverse and different;
But chemistry is
our favorite because of
the periodic table.

By Delaney Stewart

Of Periodic Table
For nomenclature
Organizes elements
And tells us atomic mass

By Jennifer Najera

Elements are fun
Hydrogen is the first one
If you don’t love it
You are a negative mole
Happy Anniversary

By Leonel Navarro

Elements are weird
Elements can be silly
But the elements
The reason we celebrate
You don’t mess with the sphere earth

By David Arevelo

Rows are periods
Atoms are smallest particle
Lithium is 3
Elements are everywhere
155 Years!

By Yovana Contreras

Something important
The periodic table
helps with chemistry
It’s made up of elements
Sectioned groups and periods

By Vanessa Lopez

Elements in rows
Mendeleev’s greatest design
Protons and Neutrons
Chemicals make substances
Also crazy reactions

By Adrian Lopez

Without it I cry
It is my best friend for life
Table is useful
It puts a smile on my face
when I use it everyday

By Juan Lemus

Elements are cool
You didn’t know? You’re a fool.
F-U-N describe
The feeling will make you thrive
Party with chemistry tribe

By Jonny Vasquez

All the elements
Put in groups and periods
Chemical events
Result from this myriad
Reactions are soon to come

By Dominick Villalon

Elements align,
thanks to Mendeleev’s bright mind.
In rows and columns,
they are all placed nice and neat.
So you don’t fail chemistry,

By Jorge Zamora

Periods and rows
One hundred fifty-five years
Meet the earth table
By Dimitri Mendeleev
What wonderful elements!

By Ella Young

One through one-eighteen
The Periodic Table
Turned one-fifty five
Happy anniversary
Going one-fifty-five strong!

By Aliza Alvarez

On the classroom wall
How delight one-fifty-five
So divine yet cruel
Showing creation plus bane
Thanks periodic table.

By Rigoberto Arias

Beginning of chem
Understanding the table
Still has not ended
Fundamental, essential
The periodic table

By Gaby Perez

Due to Mendeleev
Each element found a place
in rows they align
He created the table
which contains all elements

By Zuheb Maday

Praise the almighty
O’ the table of the gods
Mendeleev blessed us
Atoms whispering in rhyme
The table secretly shines

By Benjamin Gonzales

Mister Mendeleev
My paranoia eats me
Always casting doubt
A table of gibberish
It’s not a game I can change

By Emanual Zuniga

Mendeleev made it
So we must give him credit
in every chem book.
A table that tells me all.
Thank you for all the knowledge

By Antonio Espinoza

has always been found
since the beginning of time
mix of elements
make up parts of the human
and are found in the earth’s crust

By Julissa Ortiz

Mendeleev…why? why?
Why make the table? Just why?
You make me confused.
You make everyone confused.
You make me want to quit school.

By Diana Ramirez

I love chemistry
There is one thing I love more
which Mendeleev made
The periodic table
Thanks, Ms. Klein, for teaching me.

By Eduardo Duarte