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The Lexington High School One Act season began August 31, with a reveal of the play they will use in competition, “The Spy Game” by Alex Bryant and Hal Miller.

The play centers around a private school that teaches kids to be spies and a vengeful former student, now a leader of an “evil” gang, who wants to destroy the school.

The hero of the story is a surprise new student, who doesn’t believe she has any special abilities, only to discover that she, like everyone else, does.

            Students are able to participate in One Act in two main areas: cast and crew. The cast would be those who are out on stage to perform the play. The crew are those helping behind the scenes, such as lights, sound, costumes, props, etc.

            For those who don’t know, one act is a competition event that has schools preparing a 30-minute play for judging and ranking. Festivals, conferences, and districts begin in November and the season concludes by Christmas break. We don’t have set dates yet.

            The LHS One Act will present the play to the public some time in November – details will be shared later.

            We look forward to another fun season of One Act.