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The Family and Consumer Science Kitchens received an upgrade this spring semester. Through the Carl T. Perkins grant four commercial grade restaurant stainless steel tables were purchased. Counter height, movable, lockable tables are the kinds of tables students can expect to use when they are employed in the food industry. The tables were christened with a Quick Bread lab that was done on Monday, January 13, 2020. Students made and evaluated four different quick breads. The breads were Zucchini, Banana, Lemon Poppy Seed and Pumpkin. It was an interesting learning experience from the lab experience as well as learning new cleaning techniques and supplies to sanitize the new tables. Students were used to a more relaxed lab as previous tables were equipped with chairs. With commercial grade tables chairs are not included. A quick survey of the students indicated that the chairs were not even missed! A special thanks goes out to Kerry Teetor and his staff for putting the tables together!