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The DLP English class has just spent the last two weeks learning about Ezra Frech, a 17-year-old Paralympic athlete. His story was in the latest issue of Scope Magazine titled “Born to Run”. The students learned that Ezra was born with a congenital disease affecting his limbs. His left leg was curved upward and his left hand only had one finger. When he was two years old he underwent surgery to remove his curved leg and he had the big toe from that foot put on his hand so that he would have two fingers and could grip things. This way he was able to wear a prosthetic leg more comfortably. Ezra competed in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan, where he placed 5th in the high jump. He is planning to compete in the 2024 Paralympics in Paris, France, and his goal is to win a gold medal. His family also founded a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles for kids with physical disabilities called Angel City Sports. Ezra wrote that sports helped him find friends and learn that many things were still possible even though he has physical disabilities.