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Over the past 13 years, the Strength and Conditioning have collected performance metrics on every student-athlete that has participated in the Strength & Conditioning program. The performance metrics collected provide data points that help track improvements in both the students and the overall effectiveness of the Strength & Conditioning program. Using the compiled metrics, we have developed the Ironman/Ironmaid Award. Each student has a Performance Index Score, which indicates where the student-athlete ranks in an overall athletic score amongst all of the student-athletes who have gone through the Lexington Strength and Conditioning program over the last 13 years. The Performance Index score is determined by the combination of strength, speed, and power metrics. The student-athlete goal is to improve their Performance Index Score which will reflect improved athletic ability. We added many new names to the list this past spring.  If you are in the high school, stop by the TV outside the weight room to check out the names on the list.  

When students make the top 30, they receive a wristband as shown in the picture.