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By Julie Baker


Summer is a great time to rejuvenate and enjoy time with your children. If you hear them saying, “I’m bored, here are a few ideas to have your child stay involved in learning over the break.

  1. Go to the library. Use the internet. View newspapers and magazines. Check out some audiobooks and DVDs.

  2. Look for local events such as fairs, community events, and adventures you can share with your family on a “mini or one day trip.

  3. Encourage your child to participate in Summer School. Class credits, breakfast, lunch and time with peers. All “gratis. Free for all to take advantage of.

  4.  Be involved with them in a positive way. Teach students how to make change, budget, and save/spend money responsibly. Children ask questions and want to learn new things that will help them prepare for their futures.

  5. Lastly, enjoy your time with your children. Whether they say it or not, they actually like to spend time with you.