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Attending college is the goal of most of our students, however, is a four-year degree your best option. A college degree is definitely beneficial in today’s economic environment, but a bachelor’s degree isn’t the only option. There are a number of occupations where a two-year associate’s degree has benefits that outweigh the four-year bachelor’s degree.


Many occupations in the engineering field are available where the employers are actually seeking candidates with associate’s degrees and bypassing those with bachelor’s degrees. Proficiency on a variety of modern technologies used in the actual field, especially individual certifications, is significantly more valuable to the employer than hiring someone with a four-year degree. Degrees in aerospace, or electrical engineering are in such high demand that in many cases there is no economic advantage to a four-year degree.


Career fields that have traditionally required a two-year degree are in higher demand than in the past. An associate’s degree in welding, drafting, mechanics, construction management, heating and air conditioning, and many others, is still the best way to a career in these fields.


Traditional two-year degree paths offer competitive wages and life-long careers without the expense of attending a four-year college. Added to these, careers in many engineering and health fields require an associate’s degree. This trend makes taking a serious look at community colleges something any high school graduate should consider.