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Feel Good Friday: LPS Staff Shout Out

feel good friday winner for september 3, 2021 is Lori Pflaster.

Lori is a special education teacher in the STARS classroom at Sandoz.  When asked what she enjoys most about LPS, Lori shares that she is blessed with an amazing team who makes her job so enjoyable! “Without my special education team, paras, support staff, administrators, and fellow general education teachers, I would not love coming to school each day!” Lori says that the students and parents that she works with also make doing what she does an amazing experience. Lori shares, “I take every challenge presented to me, and attack it with a positive attitude because I know that I am doing what is best for kids.” Lori also states that her kids teach her just as much as she teaches them, and that’s what keeps her coming back! Lori affectionately thinks of her students as ‘my’ kids and she loves seeing those ‘lightbulb’ moments! She also appreciates LPS looking out for what is best for teachers and students, and being advocates for the best Public School education possible!


Lori lives in Oconto with her husband, Tim, and their daughter Kinsey who is a senior at Callaway this year. Their oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, lives in Kearney where she is a junior at UNK majoring in English. Lori likes to attend sporting events in her free time, as well as gardening, and playing corn hole. If you are looking for her in the summer, you’ll find her in a kayak floating down the South Loup River (her happy place- outside of Sandoz elementary of course!)


When we asked Lori what she would say to inspire gratitude in others, she said, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice! Just be kind- you don’t know what the people you meet each day are going through!” We couldn’t agree more! Congratulations Lori! LPS appreciates all you do, and we are proud of you!

What are feel good Fridays?

Feel Good Fridays are celebrated the first and third Friday of every month where one staff member of LPS is recognized for their hard work and dedication they provide to the district. All staff members have the opportunity to nominate their colleagues in the days before the drawing.  All nominations are entered into a random drawing and one staff member is selected to be the spotlight for that week. Our winner receives a bouquet sponsored by Plum Creek Market Place Floral Department and a gift card donated by USave Pharmacy and Gifts.  It is our hope through spreading kindness and an attitude of gratitude we will continue to strengthen a positive culture at LPS.