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            Students in English 4 and College English II were asked to relate their favorite memories from school. Their responses are as follows:


Francisco Acosta: My fondest memory was when I was in second grade, and I went to the Book Fair. It was my first time going, so I remember the excitement of seeing all the books and different things I could buy.


Genesis Acosta: It’s hard to pinpoint a singular memory through my school years. I would have to say my time on the speech team at LHS is the best decision I could have made. The memories I made will forever hold a special place in my heart.


Makayla Adams: My favorite memory from my years in school would have to be the field trips in elementary school. On these trips I would make so many memories. It was also when I would make new friends. You don’t always remember the moments in the classroom, but field trips always held a special place in your school memories. I can’t thank my teachers enough for making these memories so special.


Eric Aguado-Lopez: One moment I will never forget during my school years was coming back to school in Lexington. I had moved to S-E-M in Sumner, NE in 4th grade and then moved back to Lexington in 10th grade. It felt like home coming back, and everyone was so nice.


Joseph Aguilar: When I was in kindergarten, I remember taking a nap during nap time while nice, calming music was playing. This is the best memory that I have so far because before passing out, I felt relaxed and calm.


Verenice Aguirre: One of my favorite memories from K-12 is having the Book Fair in elementary. I would always be excited to get a poster or anything. In elementary we would have jump rope contests. I loved it. Auditioning for wind ensemble in high school and making it in really improved me positively. It made me more outgoing and got me out of my shell.


Gabriel Alvarez: My favorite memory from the past thirteen years is when we had the Book Fairs in K-5. The chocolate calculators and fun set-ups were amazing and nostalgic.


Hanna Alvarez: My favorite memory was my freshman year. I met a lot of people I still talk to until this day and formed great friendships.


Manuel Alvarez: My fondest memories are the memories and moments I had with passages class; it definitely changed me for the better.


Ilene Alvidrez: My favorite memory throughout K-12th would probably be when we would go to the ELA to read/play with the kids my freshman year.


Benjamin Avila: 2013. The school year just ended and I booked towards our home to prepare ourselves to go to Six Flags where I saw a classmate there.


Ismael Ayala: My favorite memories are running out onto the football field every Friday night for two months and wrestling and doing face offs for wrestling duals and having the lights turned off and only having the center light on.


Kimberly Barraza-Saenz: One of my favorite memories from K-12 would have been during P.E. We would play a bunch of obstacle courses. My P.E. teacher, Mrs. Stewart from Bryan Elementary would call it “The Jungle.”


Luisa Barrera: My favorite school memory is when everyone would get so excited whenever the scooters or giant parachute were brought out during PE in elementary.


Kayla Barrios: A memory I will always remember is when my second grade teacher flipped me upside down playfully, and my pants slid down in front of the whole class. My friends told me later on that they could see my princess undies.


Taya Berry: My favorite memory was when all the seniors organized a dress-up day through social media, and we were all matching.


Yadira Beltran-Dorado: My favorite memory was in 2nd grade. I remember crying because one of my classmates was laughing at my hair since it was messy. My teacher then helped me fix my hair and told me it was okay.


Giselle Borrayo: My favorite memory was in middle school. I told a random girl a joke and now we are best friends.


Landon Bowen: My favorite memory from school was the field trips in elementary school.


Kelly Cabarcas: My favorite memory during grades 1-12 was when I pet a wolf at school and saw multiple animals at an assembly. It helped me grow a love for animals and their support, except the part where the owl they displayed pooped on the zoologist.


Aaron Campillo: My favorite memory of my 12 years of school is the friendships I made in middle school. I wouldn’t know it back then, but they would stick with me through middle school all the way to the present date.


Amy Chacon: My fondest memory is all the field trips we took in elementary. I always had so much fun and really enjoyed them.


Lynsey Chavez: My favorite memory was going to the pool with my class during second grade.


Alicia Colima: My favorite memory was making new friends transitioning from middle school to high school.


Samantha Colindres: My favorite memory was when I broke my arm and was excused from writing.


Garrett Converse: My favorite memory from school is getting to meet new people and becoming best friends with a group of boys who I never would’ve met without transferring schools during my freshman year.


Sindelle Corona: My favorite memory was in 5th grade during the last week of school we did tie-dye.


Megan Dang: In all my years of school, I cherish the lessons I learned in advanced strength with Mrs. Burson. The lessons helped me reflect on the kind of person I wanted to be and always reminded me how to be better. I will still use “event + reaction = outcome” and “discipline over default” the rest of my life.


Brooke Draskovic: One of my favorite memories from K-12 is going to play chess with my friends after school in 5th grade.


Angie Diaz: A memory/memories I’m most fond of would be meeting the close friends I have now. These people have helped shape me into the person I am, and I will forever be grateful they were put in my path.


Luis Diaz: My favorite event is when we got to have a movie day party in middle school.


Dulce Espinosa-Hernandez: A fond memory would be in 4th grade when students had to dress up like pioneers and participated in games and butter making.


Cristina Espinoza: A memory that stands out a lot would be the Bryan Elementary playground. That playground contains a lot of memories by many people who did not have a care in the world about how one’s appearance came out to be. The Bryan Elementary playground was home to all those who attended.


Belkis Felix: My favorite memory was having a girls group in middle school with my friends Jazmin and Karen.


Diego Flores: My fondest memory would be a few days after my junior year of high school was finished, I finally got to meet my amazing son.


Alex Frias: My favorite memory from school is the week we spent in Washington, D.C. my senior year. I was with my closest friends the entire week, and we made tons of unforgettable memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Yasmin Gallegos: A memory that will stick with me from K-12th grade is when we would have jump rope and hula hoop contests, and I was always the winner every time. My name would be put up on the banner on the gym wall.


Casandra Galvan: One of my favorite memories from high school would be my first year in the marching band show. I loved everything about War Dance Flags, which is also one of my favorites. I loved being a part of the marching band!


Cesar Garcia: One of my favorite memories throughout K-12 was during 1st grade year where we had to make our own ice cream in Ziploc bags.


Enrique Gaspar: My favorite memory is making a cake in class with my classmates.


Alex Gomez: Back when I lived in Illinois near Chicago, I’ll always remember the more outgoing person I was and my great friends that came along when I was in elementary and parts of middle school.


Josue Gomez: There was a time in elementary school when we were celebrating Grandfather’s Day, but my grandparents were in Mexico. I felt left out so I had asked permission to go to the bathroom to hide my tears. Luckily one of my friends noticed and told me that we could share his grandpa for all of the activities.


Dariana Gonzalez: Junior year of high school I was lucky enough to have sixth, seventh, and eighth periods with my sister. One day in accounting, Mr. Jones started talking to me about a class my sister had taken, thinking I was her. He talked for about 2 minutes until he realized I wasn’t her. We let it slide because we had masks, and the same hairstyle, so I guess I can tell why he got confused.


Ximena Gurrola: My fondest memory from all of my years of school is coming to the high school and learning to come out of my shell and be more outgoing.


Liah Haines: My fondest memory is spending the last day of school in elementary with my classmates and teachers. We played games, got our faces painted, and just reminisced on how great the year had been as the sun shone on our faces and we anxiously waited for summer.


Thomas Hakonson: I remember a time in third grade when my teacher was trying to get the projector to work. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I still asked to try to fix it and was surprised when Mrs. Kuhlhanek let me. I walked up to fix it, grabbed the VGA cable, and pushed it farther into its socket. I was about as surprised as she was when it worked!


Cordelia Harbison: Going into sophomore year, I had 2 knee surgeries and was in the worst pain of my life: both mentally and physically. I did not complete a single season of sports that year. Toward the end of the summer going into junior year, it was max-outs for summer weights. All the coaches came and cheered me on, and I ended up lifting more than before the surgeries. I cried happy tears with my coaches because life finally felt healthy. I’m thankful for the adults.


Amber Hecht: A memory that brings me lots of joy happens to be the last day of school in 5th grade at Sandoz. We played games, made tie-dye t-shirts, and had a water balloon fight.


Brayan Hernandez: A memory I remember very vividly was in elementary when we would go to the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins. We would come back to read Halloween books, decorate pumpkins, and eat candy corn.


Chantal Hernandez: Something I will always remember is my 5th grade teacher from Wallace Elementary throwing me a going away party. I will also remember winning districts and going to state for the first time (soccer).


Haley Hernandez-Sandoval: My favorite school memory from K-12 would be from fifth grade. My teacher’s name was Mr. Carnahan. One day we decided to prank him. After we pranked him, he decided to get us back. While we were out for recess, he decided to spray cologne and hid the cologne bottle in one of the desks. Once we came back, he was asking who had sprayed so much cologne. Finally we figured it out that he had pranked us.


Kara Houlden: My favorite memory was meeting my best friends in elementary school: Melani and Mariana. Also my other friend I met freshman year in a class neither of us signed up for!


Emily Jimenez: One of my best memories from elementary is walking to my grandma’s house after school to eat her quesadillas. She never let me go home hungry.


Esmeralda Juan: My favorite memory was back in elementary getting to hike all the way to the Hollywood sign. It was a difficult trail, but worth the view with my family.


Ana Laguna: My favorite memory from the past 13 years of school would have to be the speech I did in front of the school my junior year. I was running for Student Council president, and had never given a public speech before. I was really nervous, but once my name was called and I heard other students cheer me on, the nerves felt like nothing. I gave my speech and students clapped and cheered. It felt nice. Public speaking has been one of my greatest fears, and that specific moment I realized there was no need to have fear anymore. 


Katerine Landaverde: My favorite memory during school years was 8th grade because I had people in all my classes who I bonded with.


Malinda Lo: My fondest memory is when we made green eggs and ham in kindergarten.


Liliann Loarca: One of my favorite memories during elementary would have to be making Valentine’s boxes and passing out candy to each other.


Agustin Lopez: My favorite memory was when my parents went to state tennis to cheer me on.


Rafaela Lopez: One of my favorite memories would be the over night stays at hotels for Powerlifting.


Juan Lopez-Domingo: An event that I will never forget is being a part of a team that beat McCook by a game-winning field goal on September 27, 2019.


Bridny Lorenzana: One of my best memories is when I was in 10th grade. It was one of my best years because I received many medals from swimming team and many academic awards. (This was in Guatemala.)


Angel Maciel: A great memory that sticks with me throughout high school here in Lexington is when we had a day off of school for passages, because it allowed me to express some thoughts and feelings.


Leslie Maravilla: One of the moments to remember is when I got the opportunity to go to different businesses and learn what they do throughout the day.


Karen Marin: My fondest memories are jumping and yelling to songs during prom.


Leonardo Martinez: A memory that stands out from LPS is my senior prom night. I’ll always remember the dance as the best dance yet, and how I was dripping sweat and having fun ALL day and night.


Destani McCance: My favorite memory would be free reading periods in middle school to just read the whole period.


Marianna McDowell: My favorite memory was going to the Stuhr Museum in 3rd grade. I bought a beautiful purple quartz rock at the gift shop and played with Genesis’s pink Nintendo DS on the bus.


Eli Mejia: When I got to shove a pie into my teacher’s face in 5th grade.


Angie Melo: My favorite school memory was being a part of Marching Band freshman – senior years.


Denise Mendoza-Garcia: A memory that I will forever cherish is getting closer to friends that I’ve known since middle school. They have been there for me during tough times for many years.


Ethan Mins: My favorite memory from K-12 would be being able to play in the homecoming games, like dodge ball and the egg toss with all of my friends. Being able to play games with my friends against the underclassmen brought out the competitiveness in everyone in the gym. Those games made homecoming week fun and a meaningful experience.


McKinna Moats: My fondest memory from being in school is being on the Powerlifting team and squatting 350 pounds. This event was a highlight for me because it was a huge lift and my teammates and even strangers congratulated me. I still have the video from this lift, and I am very proud of it, even though it looks like I am having a seizure.


Hidaya Mohamed: My favorite memory of my educational journey will be when I became conference and district champion two weeks in a row for speech. It was nice seeing myself up on the podium. Younger me would have been proud.


Angel Molina: My favorite school memory was when we beat McCook this year for my senior year. It was a rivalry game, and we played amazingly. I will never forget about that game.


Mariana Mosqueda: My favorite memory was when an older girl, who I barely knew, became a big sister to me after I had just moved to the United States and knew very little English. She would hang out with me during recess and explain all my homework. She gave me comfort when I most needed it.


Barwaqo Moulid: My favorite memory was when I was in the 7th grade and my class went fishing; I caught my very first fish.


Arlin Muñoz: When on a Powerlifting trip, we were brushing our teeth and Megan asked what toothpaste she had been using. She said it tasted horrible, but it turned out to be lotion. We were dying of laughter because she read the bottle wrong.


Briyeth A. Munoz Contreras: My favorite memory is having the opportunity to play soccer and have a great team, which is something special school gave to me.


Adriana Navarrete: One of my favorite memories would be in elementary during the last days we had a talent show, and my class performed it in front of the whole school.


Amy Nguyen: When we built our physics boats and got to see everyone fail at the pool when we tested them out.


Ramona Ojeda-Galindo: The memory I cherish and look back to was when I was in kindergarten, and I didn’t know the difference between left and right. Mr. Harvey was my teacher then, and I remember I practiced and went up to show him that I finally knew left and right. I am very fond of that memory because it reminds me of how I’ve always been eager to learn and how proud I get when I accomplish my goals—no matter how big or small.


Diego Orellano: My best memory from school was the National Qualifying Speech Meet in Spearfish, South Dakota. Even though I didn’t qualify for Nationals, I loved the trip and every part was fun. All the fun trips and experiences will be in my head forever.


Jenny Orozco: When I was able to get out of the ELL program after only one year of being in it. It made me feel that I could accomplish everything that I want to achieve. I am also grateful I got to take passages with Mr. Jilka, and it will always have a special place in my heart since it got me closer to myself.


Kathy Orozco: My favorite K-12 memory is going to the park with my class in elementary school.


Manuel Ortega: My fondest memory of public school will always be beating McCook my senior year of football and having the student section storm the field to celebrate with us.


Ana Perez: Something that stands out from all the years I’ve been in school was coming into high school and meeting Miss Escobedo because she told me things how they were and wouldn’t sugar coat anything.


Andres Perez: My best memory is when the team won and how we all to want win more. We all push and support each other every day in soccer.


Angel Perez: My favorite memory from all of my school years is when the 2021-22 Lexington Marching Band got 2nd at the Sounds of Excellence Invitational. The feeling of having beaten so many talented schools at such a competitive level, while being one of the three drum majors, was surreal.


Isaac Perez: My favorite memory from the last 13 years at LPS was having the opportunity to perform and travel with my closest friends for marching band and speech.


Jesus Ramirez: An event that will stay with me forever is when I broke my arm playing tag in 5th grade. Jumping off that slide was worth not getting tagged.


Oved Ramirez: An event that has stuck with me through all these years would have to be when I went to the State Soccer final. It was a very fun experience being there with my friends and family.


JaeDee Rasmussen: May 2021 was one of the most exhilarating moments I have experienced. At the state soccer final, I could feel the energy of the crowd and all of the emotions coming out. The days leading up to the match, my friends and I biked across areas in Omaha and golfed away at Top Golf. I will never forget the time where we ate at Wing Stop, ordered wings from Buffalo Wild Wings (Bdubs), and vowed to never eat at Wing Stop again! All in all, it was a surreal experience I hope to feel again!


Miguel Raymundo: Being able to play in a state championship with the people I grew up playing with. Even though we didn’t win, I’ll always remember the times we had together.


Angel Rivas: My favorite memory from all of my school years would be my senior passages class because I got close to other people I wouldn’t talk to.


Francisco Rodriguez: My favorite memories are talking to teachers and friends about my growing business, which has motivated me to take it to the next level and become more successful.


Alondra Romero: Some weirdly cherishable events: I would say I was proud to have a significant role in the elementary school programs. No matter how out of tune we sounded or how silly we acted, our parents were in awe and quite proud.


Mia Rowe: I’ll never forget the relationships I have made in sports. I have made many friendships during all 4 years doing all 3 sports. I would not have those friendships without sports.


Zoey Salem: My fondest memory from school would be the retreat with my passages class my senior year. The whole semester of passages will always hold a special place in my heart, but the retreat was when we really came together and where I got to reflect how the class had changed me for the better.


Hannah R. Sanchez: My fondest memory in school through grades Kinder through 12th is when we would celebrate the whole week during Dr. Seuss week.


Venus Sanchez: My favorite memory throughout my K-12 grade years is when we found out we were going to state for the first time. (soccer team)


Isaac Scharff: My favorite memory is playing football this year with my teammates and creating relationships with them that I will never forget.


Crystal Serrano-Garcia: My favorite school memory is my Passages class senior year. It helped me understand myself better.


Mya Silvrants: One of my favorite memories from K-12 is being in Mrs. Wylie’s art class and making cups out of clay. It was a fun bonding moment with our class.


Gracey Smith: My favorite moment would be when Mr. Harvey let me in the 100 Club even though I couldn’t count to 100.


Keri Smith: My favorite memory is from this year at our Elkhorn Band Competition. It was such a great bonding moment for our band when we took our performance from decent to fantastic. We were all so excited when we finally beat Waverly.


Evan Stewart: My best memory is when I proved myself that I can win after I became state champion (in SkillsUSA).


Hunter Stewart: I always enjoyed football practices, regardless of the weather or day. The time I spent with my team after school will always be special to me.


Karina Susarrey: My best memory would be going to field trips in middle school and getting to choose who you got to sit with.


Vicca Texoco: My favorite memory from school was my senior passages trip. We all bonded and made memories as a class.


Greg Treffer: My favorite memory from elementary school is when we would get gummi bears from Ms. Arrieta.


Sarah Treffer: My favorite memory is when I pretended to tear my ACL in 5th grade as an April Fools Joke. I tricked a lot of people and got special treatment in some classes.


Alessandra Trejo: One event that has stuck with me is when I first went to middle school. I couldn’t find any of my friends from Morton Elementary, so a girl from Bryan Elementary came up to me and introduced herself. We became good friends after. We are still friends now.


Kennadi Ureste: One memory I cherish is in elementary school when we had the fun day at the end of the year. I remember all of the different activities and getting popsicles at the end. I also cherish how in elementary we would grab our sack lunches and head over to the pool park to eat.


Ernesto Vargas: My favorite memory from K-12 grades is recess time during elementary because I would get to play soccer with my friends.


Fredy Vargas: Looking back to freshman year of high school, I realized that my mentality strengthened, including my emotions to outside events.


Leslie Vasquez: Cross-country and track meets were my fondest memories. I found new friendships, and they were always a positive environment.


Leticia Virgilio: One of the best memories is the Class B State Soccer Championship game in 2021. It may not have ended how we wanted but seeing the entire town of Lexington come together and the atmosphere is unforgettable.


Taylor Woehrle: My favorite memory from K-12 is my kindergarten Spanish class with Mrs. Arrieta when we were given gummy (gomecitos) bears.


Brianna Zarate: My favorite memory from K-12 is going on overnight speech trips and bonding over the meets.


Jennifer Zamora: My favorite memory would be my sophomore year in cross-country. (XC). I loved the bond the girls had and the support they gave on meets.


Kezia Zepeda: My fondest memory was in 8th grade. I loved playing my instrument after school every day. Mr. Pineda would let me in the band room so that I could practice my