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Students in English 2 CT with Mrs. Gruntorad and Mrs. Benson have been reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Published in 1953, this original dystopian novel is set in the future and describes a society that bans books and reading. Students are discovering that this would be an awful world to live in! Bradbury also made a number of predictions about technology in the future, some that have come true and others that have not. Students wrote paragraphs about three predictions including: “24-hour robot tellers” or ATMs, wall-length “parlor walls” or flat screen TVs, and “seashell radios” that fit in people’s ears or earbuds. We have enjoyed discussing how impressive Bradbury’s predictions were, since most of them are things we have today. In addition, the class created Blackout Poetry that illustrates one of the main characters. Students are finishing up the novel in the next two weeks, so be sure to ask them how it ends!