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Students in English 2 -S are just finishing up reading the short novel Whirligig by author Paul Fleischman. The story is about a boy trying to escape his humiliating past, but unfortunately an innocent teen who crosses his path loses her life. In an attempt to find repentance, Brent sets out on a journey across the United States, building whirligigs in her memory. A whirligig is a decorative wind toy that spreads joy. On his journey, Brent rediscovers his own love for life and realizes – like the intricate pieces of a whirligig – people can come together in surprising ways. English 2 S students enjoyed reading this book, tracking Brent’s trip across the nation, and many related to the heartfelt messages in the story. Currently, students are writing an essay, and they will soon be constructing an art project and making a whirligig of their own!