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Employment Opportunities for Graduated Students

While many of our students choose to pursue higher education or the military, we also have a group of students who choose to directly enter the workforce upon graduation. We are fortunate to live in a community that offers multiple employment opportunities to people who have a high school diploma. Two of those are below.



Basic Welding Class- this is a three-week course offered through Central Community College during the month of June. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn a skill, but doesn’t want to do a 2-year degree. The cost of the course is $3,080, but there is ‘GAP’ funding available if someone meets the requirements. More information is available on the flyer.



Tyson 1 + 2 Maintenance Training Program- Earn $23.25 an hour while you work at Tyson and attend classes at CCC here in Lexington. This 3-year commitment allows for someone to learn a skill, come out of college debt-free all while earning an income the whole way through. Students will learn electrical, mechanical and welding skills. A flyer is also attached that has more information.