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My economics and financial literacy classes are currently learning about the importance of saving and having an emergency fund. With the implementation of real-life scenarios, they are beginning to understand that emergencies will happen and they need to be covered financially. They’ve already learned how to budget and how growing their savings account should be one of the primary items to budget towards. The classes have had great discussions on how their spending habits have affected their savings plan as well as emergency fund.


Computer Science has been working on how to use lists and loops. They learned that computers start reading lists at zero and not one. For example, we have a grocery list with five items on it: eggs, milk, cereal, bagels, and cream cheese. The computer will start counting from zero all the way to four, when we use the command console.log(grocerylist[1]), the JavaScript program is going to output the word milk. Loops makes coding fun and interesting because they add repetition with only one command.