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Destination: Graduation Laptop and Gift Card Winners

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the following 28 LHS Seniors who were awarded LAPTOPS and GIFT CARDS as part of the 2020 “DESTINATION: GRADUATION” Program at Lexington High School! 

The laptops and gift cards are provided through an annual partnership grant with the Lexington Community Foundation that began in the 2010-11 school year.  The MacPro Laptops are awarded each year to the D:G Academic Team whose seniors all meet their graduation requirements in four years and have the Highest Team GPA.  The $250 Gift Cards are drawn for by the LCF and includes all 4-year cohort senior graduates.
The laptops and gift cards were delivered yesterday to the homes of the winning seniors by LHS Administrators (Mr. Hoehner, Mrs. Downey and Mr. Nieto), D:G Program Coordinators (Mr. Bell and Mrs. Gruntorad), and LCF Members (Jackie Berke-Executive Director, Tom Feltes and Michaela Kopf).  
Again, Congratulations!