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Have you ever seen a penguin and thought, “I WANT ONE, IT’S SO CUTE! I LOVE ITS TUXEDO!” and screamed uncontrollably from the cuteness? The students in ELL T2 Reading are learning about adaptations that we as humans deem as cute that are helpful for survival.


We learned that the coloring on a penguin isn’t just for show, it’s actually an adaptation that they have developed to camouflage themselves from predators. The backside of their feathers are dark, which helps them blend in the water from predators if the penguins are swimming in front of one. The white and yellow on their belly are to give the illusion to predators that they are looking at the sky if a predator is swimming underneath the penguin.


We are currently working on summarizing all of the information that we have learned about different animals and their “cute” adaptations to write stronger summaries by creating strong central ideas and creating strong details that support our central idea.