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     Something old but something new is happening in the special education department at LHS.  The department is now implementing more content mastery classes. Yes, these classes have been offered before, but with the addition of staff, we are now able to offer them almost every period of the day.  The purpose of this class is to help students complete work, hand assignments in on time, provide extra time to complete assignments, and receive extra help for mastering difficult concepts. Students are also encouraged to improve study skills, time management, and organization.  The class is structured to try and meet the individual needs of each student as well as give them the skills they will find necessary to be successful in their future.

     The learning at LHS is not always about academics.  The staff also wants our students to enjoy learning and become respectful, compassionate, accepting people.  We want them to make positive impacts on our community and work with others to continue the amazing programs found throughout Lexington.  The ultimate goal however, is for all our students to carry the love of learning and inspire others to be all that they can be.  Let the pride of Lexington march on!!