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Usually the students in the Student Therapy And Resource Services (STARS) program are in the community regularly for activities. This year we are adapting to safety precautions in place by bringing similar events into the classroom. In lieu of a pumpkin patch trip this week we had pumpkin painting in the classroom. We explored the different parts of a pumpkin, inside and out, and read about growing pumpkins and a Pop Up Pumpkin Festival that takes place in Pennsylvania. 
Students still get public library books. This year they are checked out by Mrs. Peterson in advance and a big crate of options are set out for students to choose. Also, a Donor’s Choose project that was funded over the break for this classroom has brought a new game for language and social skill building. “Spot It” games involve identifying a matching picture from one card to another and naming the match before taking or putting down a card. 
This year we have also increased student ownership of cooking activities, especially when it is a birthday week. So far students with fall birthdays have chosen to make jello cups with candy fish that look like fish swimming in blue water and oreo pie. STARS students continue to have great experiences in the classroom to be ready for a time when we can take these skills back to the community.