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What is Makerspace? Makerspace is about teaching and learning that is focused on student-centered inquiry. It is not the project done at the end of a unit of learning, but the actual vehicle and purpose of the learning. The essential elements of Makerspace are to provide students the ability to become innovators: the value of hands-on projects where students have to solve real-world problems and demonstrate mastery; the importance of learning to draw on academic content from multiple disciplines to solve a problem; learning to work and collaborate with teams and others. Students are getting a chance to learn in a Makerspace classroom. In the first unit, students are learning about circuits and combining that knowledge with programming. Students learned to program in JavaScript to write a program. They used a product called Makey Makey to connect everyday objects to control their program. Students will have the opportunity to learn robotics, design, and 3D printing throughout the Makerspace class.