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Automotive students are busy in the shop applying a lot of the skills they have learned throughout this year.

First and second year students are collaborating on projects in the shop.

The most current vehicle the students are working on is a 1966 Mustang. Students are converting front manual drum brakes to power disk brakes. Students have had to make brake lines and bend them to fit using skills taught earlier in the year. Making brake lines include double flaring the ends to seal the lines to hold brake fluid under pressure without gaskets. They are also removing the current fuel delivery system and installing a new intake manifold and a four-barrel carburetor. Cleaning and repainting the valve covers to look nice when done is another undertaking. Students have replaced failed u-joints and also replaced front shocks.

Another project the students are working on is removing and replacing an automatic transmission in a four-wheel drive Explorer. This will require removing drive shafts, transfer case and transmission. They will also have to conduct an inspection of u-joints and other components to insure everything is in good shape and to make sure new parts are correct. After installation is complete students will add all necessary fluids and make adjustments to the transmission for proper shifting of the gears.

First year students are also changing oil and filter in vehicles, learning some welding and practicing welding techniques they have learned.