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Have you ever been in class and felt stress and anxiety wash over your body? Ever been so nervous before a test that you forgot everything you thought you knew? Most of us have been in those situations. How can we help ourselves when stress becomes too much? Here are five easy tips that you can do in your seat that will help relieve the anxiety and get you back on track.



  1. Take a mental time out. Just sit for a moment. Stop thinking and clear your head. Did you know that stress can cause you to temporarily lose IQ points? Get calm before you start that exam!


  1. BREATHE. Most of the time when we are under stress, our breathing moves up into our chest and our breathing becomes fast and shallow. Search for your breath until you find it and then move it down into your stomach. Picture a big balloon that you need to fill up. Fill your stomach and your back with long slow breaths. Once you fill the balloon, squeeze it and empty it out all of the way when you exhale. Take at least five big breaths. Your breathing will slow and you will feel better.


  1. While you continue to breathe, scan your body. Continue to breathe while you lower your shoulders, relax your elbows, relax your knees, relax your feet, and gently wiggle your fingers and toes.


  1. If you are super stressed, look up at the ceiling for a couple of minutes and do some deep breathing. This helps to regulate your brain. This is also an easy trick to help you stay awake if you are falling asleep in class.


  1. If you are struggling with stress or anxiety that just won’t seem to go away, ask a trusted adult for help.


Feel free to stop by LHS room 302 for more tips on relaxation!