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An Update From English 3

By Ms. KayLee Heins

            In English 3, our goal has been to prepare for the writing of our Argumentative essay after the new year.        Students expressed that they enjoyed playing board games, so the search was on to find some sort of review of how to write titles of work, in a game form.

            Students got into groups and played a game asking them to identify how to write various types of titles, after having reviewed them as a whole class. If a student were to get the question correct, they would get to advance their game piece on the board. If they got the answer incorrect, their game piece would not advance. Students were able to discuss answers with one another as they played through

the game cards.

            After reviewing various writing formats, students began reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Students followed the troubling tale of a woman and a man who made a grave mistake that affected them for the rest of their lives– much greater than they could’ve ever guessed. Once students had gotten to chapter 16, they were asked to pause and spend some time selecting five important quotes from the chapter. The overall goal of their quote selection was to represent important aspects of the chapter. These quotes helped to shape their drawings. Pictured below is a group of students’ final project. Students were graded on how accurately they represented their chosen quotes and Ch. 16.