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In American History II class, we are currently discussing the events in America that would cause the United States to enter into the Great Depression. In this unit we will deeply examine the cause and effects of the stock market crash in the U.S. We will also look at the effects of the stock market crash on the U.S. economic, social, and cultural aspects of the American society. The role of both Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt will be discussed in their impact of expanding the control of big government. We will finish by examining President Roosevelt’s relationship with the public, as well as the effect of the New Deal programs. The classes have been actively engaged in the differing political ideas of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D Roosevelt. Students have been filling out guided reading assignments, taking detailed notes, and watching video clips over the Great Depression. Classes will soon start to examine the effects of the Great Depression and its impact on the U.S. and all around the world. The students really seem to be enjoying this unit!