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The American Government class has been busy taking and preparing for the United States Citizenship Test. It is a new requirement from the Nebraska state legislature for all seniors to take the test before they graduate. The State Statute 79-724 as written by the Nebraska Legislature is as follows:

“Administration of a written test that is identical to the entire civics portion of the naturalization test used by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services prior to the completion of eighth grade and again prior to the completion of twelfth grade.”

The students use the test as a pre-test at the beginning of the semester. Then most of the semester the students are studying all aspects of the United States Government. Special emphasis is to study, review, and understand our United States Constitution. The students review this material in many different ways. One of the projects the students do is to propose a new bill. They must present their rationale, purpose, how the government is going to pay, and implement their new law. The final requirement of the American Government students is to take the one-hundred question United States Citizenship Test to evaluate their growth of government knowledge in taking the American Government class.