Sandoz Elementary

Sandoz Elementary School serves between 317 students in Grades K-5 in self-contained classrooms. A balanced curriculum is delivered to ALL students including High Ability Learners, English Language Learners, and Special Education students. A complete variety of programs and support services are available which include: Structured English Immersion, Speech Therapy, Resource, Title I, Reading Intervention, Autism, Inclusion, Music , PE, and Counseling. Teachers and staff work collectively to provide an educational opportunity that reflect the needs of every student and supports the District's mission statement. Each K-5 classroom receives a 90 minute daily intervention or acceleration time to enhance literacy skills. Parents may have their child participate in the after-school Lexington Academy or before and after school tutoring programs.

Sandoz Elementary Demographics

(based on the 2012-13 NDE State of the Schools Report)

Enrollment: 317
Free/Reduced Priced Meals: 82.65%
Mobility: 13.88%
English Language Learners: 45.43%
Race/Ethnicity: White-17%, Black-8.5%, Hispanic-71%, Two or More Races-3%, American Indian/Alaskan Native-.25%, Asian-.25%

More information can be found on the Nebraska Department of Education's State of the Schools Report for Sandoz Elementary.


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