Lexington Middle School


Science Night

ELL Student loved taking part in Science Night at LMS on November 5th. Our ELL students at LMS are in three groups for most of the day, we took this opportunity to mix kids up who normally are not in classes together. They got to choose from the egg drop or the rocket launch. Once students got into their groups they together worked on their project, meeting the guidelines, cutting, measuring, testing, retesting, and then writing a repot on what they did, what they changed and what their results were. Many of our student who did the egg drop made it past the first drop, and only a few of our groups moved on, but over all they did really well, they all had great ideas and strategies, but most of all had fun while learning. As far as our student s who choose to do the rocket launch, there were some groups where their rockets launched super far and other groups whose distances were not as far as they wanted, but that gave them and other learning opportunity – why did it go where it landed, what could we have changed. We did have a few groups place in the top. After Science night kids wrote a report on their whole process from start to finish.  Again this was a great experience for our students to learn and have fun, with not feeling limited by the language.

Principals Infected

Thursday, November 5th, LMS was invaded by zombies. Both Mr. West and Mr. Wall were infected by zombies. They were spotted all day long at school and at the Science Fair that night looking for victims.

The Book Fair Crew dressed and applied make-up to the principals as zombies. They had agreed to be zombies if the library made a goal of $4,000 by selling books at the book fair. Everyone must have wanted to see them as zombies because the library made over $5,000 during the book fair.



Bullying can be a big problem, especially in Middle School.  So the 6th graders are doing research on bullying in order to create an anti-bullying campaign for our school.  We will conduct research in order to find the answers to three main questions:

1.     What is bullying?

2.     Why do bullies do what they do?

3.     What can be done to prevent bullying?

During this project students will learn the basic components of a research paper and they will also be equipped with the knowledge they need to confront bullying head-on. 

LMS Book Fair

The LMS Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success! With parents attending the fair during conferences and students frequenting the fair during reading classes the following week, we were able to sell just over $5,000, which translates into almost $3,000 in Scholastic books for the library!

Thank you to all who supported the book fair. We had some fun extra events going on—

*The 6th grade National team won an ice cream party for buying the most books of any team. Among the 100 National students, they purchased 75 books from the book fair!

*We had a sucker pull. Students paid 25¢ to pull a sucker from our “zombie brain”. If the sucker stick was colored on the tip, the student won a prize. Together with donations, we raised $550 selling suckers. This money was used to turn around and purchase 75 books for LMS students!

*Our principals, Mr. West and Mr. Wall, volunteered to be made up and dressed up as zombies if we reached our book fair goal of selling $4,000. Well, we blasted that goal! So Thursday, November 5th, is the day of the “zombie invasion!”

What a fun event for our LMS family! And what a great benefit to our library! Thank you, one and all!


The beginning of the second quarter is in full swing! Our geography classes are focusing on immigration into the United States. We have discussed the various push and pull factors that influence a person to leave their home country. We have also talked about the role immigrants have in our country such as bringing new foods and customs.

We have also made connections with how Lexington has changed and been influenced by immigrants such as the various Latino restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and even Somali restaurants. I try to stress to my students that we are fortunate to be exposed to so much diversity in such a small community.