Lexington Middle School

It Is Time For NeSa Testing

LMS will begin testing the week of March 23.    Here is some advice to help your child be successful on this test:

Be on time for school

Get “extra” sleep the night before

Eat breakfast

Take your time on the test!!!

Students have been given their scores from last year, if your child’s score raises from last year score they will be treated to a day at the Big Apple in Kearney.

Good Luck LMS Students

Opening Communication and Breaking Down Walls of Anger

 Do you ever get the feeling like your child is always angry?  Does it seem like there is nothing you can do to help?  These feelings can be overwhelming for even the calmest of parents.  However, anger doesn’t always have to be a topic that is avoided at the dinner table. Instead open the discussion and learn more about yourself and your child in the process.

 How Can I Talk About Anger Without Becoming Angry?

 Often, as parents we feel that if we try to confront our children when they are angry or upset, they can become even more upset.  Instead of diving right into your child’s problem, make approaching the subject easy and fun with a game.  Grab a bag of M&M’s and have both you and your child grab a handful.   Once you both have plenty of M&M’s in your hands the tough part begins.  Because everyone would rather let the chocolate melt in their mouths and not in their hands, you need to follow the chart below to be able to eat your yummy candy. 

 Once you’ve talked about the colors in your hand with each other, the reward is getting to eat the M&M’s.  Some colors are M&M’s will be harder to answer than others, but they are just a starting point.  Now that you’ve opened the lines of communication with your child, you can break in to deeper and further discussions about frustrations you may have in your own personal lives.

            The teenage years are often the most difficult time to talk with your child.  However, if we don’t who will?  So the next time your child seems stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, or angry, break out a bag of M&M’s and open up some quality conversations with your child.

7th Grade Math Students

 All 7th grade students are currently preparing to take their NeSA test in the next few weeks. Specifically in Math, all 7th grade students are reviewing concepts that will be on this test. We are taking this time to go back to topics from the beginning of this year and review their standards for this upcoming test. Students will be doing a variety of activities within the classroom, but they are also encouraged to take time outside of the classroom to study as well. If you would like to help your child study, please ask him/her what activities they could be doing at home to improve their skills. If you would like ideas, please contact your child’s teacher.

Keep Looking Up

Sixth Grade Science students learn observation, prediction, data measurement and collection, and analysis skills by becoming more aware of the changes in the seasons, and in the sky.  On or about the 21st of each month, we record the length of our shadows at the same time of the day.  We are creating individual graphs of the data we collect using the Microsoft Excel application on our laptop computers.  We measure (and graph) the Sun’s angle off the horizon.  We determine the sunrise and sunset times for Lexington and compute the hours and minutes of daylight and darkness.  This data is also displayed in a graph.

In each segment of the investigation, we control all but one variable and identify the independent (also called manipulated or experimental) variable.  We then document and display the outcome of the dependent or responding variable—the condition that is a result of changing the independent (manipulated or experimental) variable.

With the data and graphs we can make inferences and draw conclusions.  This is what scientists do!  The culmination is a fine record of our 6th Grade year of our lives!  We continue to develop awareness of and appreciation for our world.

We regularly discuss our observations of and appreciation for the night sky—including the changing phases of the Moon, and the changes in position of planets and constellations.  Go out to view the night sky!  Sixth graders can point out many features.

Science students measure the length of their shadows (in centimeters) each month.

What is the angle of the Sun off the horizon?  Sixth grade Science students measure to find out.


8th Grade High School Orientation

All 8th grade students traveled to the High School this Tuesday to get their first taste of what it will be like transitioning to the High School in the fall.  Students met their counselors, went for a tour and had an opportunity to see all the activities and clubs the high school offers. 

Students were split into four groups.  Each group spent time talking about classes and credits, meeting Mr. Jilka and learning about the Endeavors class, took a tour of the high school and met with representatives from each of the extra curricular activities offered.  Students had a great time meeting students from the high school, getting to ask questions that have been weighing on their minds and getting a feel for the layout of the school. 

The 8th grade students will spend the rest of the week working with their high school counselor on scheduling their classes for their upcoming freshmen year.


On Thursday, March 19th, Lexington Middle School will host a reading banquet in the LMS Cafeteria. The theme of this year’s banquet is, “Book Fiesta!“

Each homeroom will decorate a table based upon a favorite book. The table viewing will begin at 6:30 p.m., so everyone will have an opportunity to see the 43 decorated tables.

Dessert will be served at 7:00, followed by a program featuring books, LMS students, a Latino dance group, and a stepping/machete performance by the women of UNK’s Lambda Theta Nu sorority. Students, parents, grandparents, and all of the community are invited to attend this special night dedicated to reading.

Tickets are $4 for all ages and may be purchased at the LMS Library or by calling Lexington Middle School (324-1257). Tickets will also be sold at the door; however, seating is limited.

This is a FUNDRAISER to purchase new books for the LMS Library.