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4th quarter:

It is hard to believe that we are almost finished with another school year.  With testing in place it has been crazy and very busy.  Seventh and eighth graders have started the semester off with their major projects. Seventh researched a System of the Body and the eighth graders researched a Teen Issue.  We are about finished presenting their topics. Sixth grade finished Unit 1 by making their memory games.

Mrs. Gnirk

Runza® and TeamMates Mentoring Program Team Up

On Tuesday, April 2nd Runza® Restaurants across Nebraska and Iowa donated 10% of all proceeds to the TeamMates Mentoring Program.  The effort was part of Runza’s belief that it takes more than food to serve a community.  Support a great cause with a great meal.

“Runza® Restaurants is proud to take an active role in each and every community we serve.  More than a responsibility, it’s our privilege to positively impact the lives of our neighbors,” said Becky Perrett, Director of Marketing at Runza® National.

80 Runza® locations participated in TeamMates Day raising a total of $34, 902.04 for the TeamMates program.  The Lexington Chapter’s numbers are not in yet, but we were excited to be recognized as a “Stand Out Chapter” for the day!  “We are so grateful to Runza® for supporting our local chapters across Nebraska and Iowa.  TeamMates and Runza® are two organizations founded in Nebraska and we are honored to be able to partner together to support our youth,” said Sarah Waldman, Executive Director of the TeamMates Mentoring Program. 

Founded in 1949, Runza® Restaurants is famous for the Runza® Sandwich with its delicious blend of ground beef, cabbage, onions and secret spices baked inside homemade bread; made-to-order hamburgers; and homemade onion rings. For more information, visit www.runza.com.

The TeamMates Mentoring Program was founded in 1991 by Tom and Nancy Osborne to provide support and encouragement to school aged youth.   With a mission to positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential, TeamMates is serving close to 10,000 youth in about 160 communities across Nebraska, Kansa, Wyoming, South Dakota and Iowa.  To become a mentor go to teammates.org.


The 7th grade science students have been very busy during 4th quarter.  While studying about fossils of Nebraska, students were able to participate in two virtual field trips - one with Morrill Hall and the other with Ashfall Fossil Beds. Student have also been collecting data on trout that are being raised in the classroom.  Finally, students participated in a trout dissection.

Students learned the differences between the four extinct ancient elephants that lived in Nebraska.  Students learned that elephants have 4 teeth and that not all teeth are used for the same purpose - the Gomphothere used its teeth to mash fruit and tubers, the Stegomastodon used its teeth to grind and mash leaves, branches and grass, the Mastodon used its teeth to slice pine needles and branches, and the Mammoth used its teeth to grind grass.  Students also learned that the elephants lived in different environments.

Students also learned about a volcano in Idaho that erupted 12 million years ago that sent ash eastward covering parts of Nebraska.  One of these areas is present-day Ashfall Fossil Beds. Dozens of rhinos, horses, camels are essentially frozen in time - much like the people who died at Pompeii.  The smallest animals like birds and tortoises died first, followed by the medium sized animals such as horses and camels died next, and finally the barrel bodied rhinos died last because they were the largest animals.  Students also learned that Mike Voorhies, a famous Nebraskan paleontologist, was the first to find a rhino skull.

As an extension of raising trout in the classroom, students dissected trout over two days. Students learned about the different fins and the organs. They cut out the eye to discover the lens is spherical which helps the trout see underwater.  Students were surprised to learn that the trout’s tongue has sharp teeth on its surface. Finally, students compared and contrasted trout and humans.  

We will be ending the year with learning about the nitrogen and carbon cycles, and launching 2-liter bottle rockets.  If you should have any extra clean empty 2-liter bottles, please donate these to the 7th grade science classes at Lexington Middle School.  

LMS Track

The LMS track season had its first meet on Tuesday, March 26. They faced some stiff competition, each other. This was the intersquad meet held at the high school. It was a chance for the 8th graders to show how much they have improved since last year. It was a chance for the Lexington fans to see what kind of speed the 7th graders brought to the table. With the return of 3 members from last year’s school record smashing, returning state championship team a, lingering question is who will take that fourth spot as they strive for gold? Stay tuned!


Spring Band Concert

The middle school band concert is fast approaching.  May 2nd the 5th-8th-grade bands will perform at the middle school auditorium.  The best part about the spring concert is the opportunity to see the progress from the beginning years through the end of middle school.  In addition to the normal bands, each grade will also feature in honor band.  The grand finale will be a combined honor band between 6th, 7th and 8th grade!


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