Lexington Middle School


"The Bully"

During the 4th quarter, our 6th grade reading class has been reading the novel, “The Bully”, by Paul Langan. This story is about a young man who has moved from his home in Philadelphia to a town in California.  Darrell, a 9th grader,  finds himself in a terrible situation as a bigger boy, who also attends his school and is in his classes, bullies him.  This is a story about believing in yourself and building confidence in yourself, even when others tear you down.

After each chapter, the class discussed the characters and their role in the story.  We were able to break down the story into chunks, and show that reading a novel is not as scary as we think it may be.  The students enjoyed the story very much and were excited to see what was going to happen next.  During discussion time of the story, we talked about characters and their feelings.  We also talked about how the characters actions affected them.  “The Bully” is a great story, and if you have a 6th grader, ask them if they read the book and to tell you about it.  

Majestic Theater This Summer

Did you know that an increasing number of therapists prescribe movies to help their patients explore their psyches? In addition to getting award nods, these and other movies can change the way we think, feel, and ultimately deal with life's ups and downs (WebMD). Are you in need of a laugh, a thrill, or maybe a good cry?  Check out the Majestic Theatre this summer.  In addition to the regular showings on Friday/Saturday night andSunday afternoon, the Majestic will be adding additional showings and matinee times during the summer months.

 The 8th grade NNER group at Lexington Middle School has enjoyed their experience of volunteering at the theatre. In addition to viewing the movie, students who volunteer get hands-on, real-life learning opportunities with running concessions and the registers. Most importantly, our students are learning the value of a community run theatre and the pride that is associated with the restoration and progress. Many of our student volunteers have jumped at the opportunity to help at the Majestic during the summer months.

 Remember to like our facebook page to keep up to date on the latest showings, or visit us at www.lexmajestic.org to view our monthly schedule. See you at the movies!

6th Grade Geograhpy

The school year is ending, but we are still learning about the world around us. This time our class has jumped into our last chapter on Japan. This has been a great chapter where our students have learned a lot about the population density of Japan and the adaptations the people of Japan have made. We've looked at reasons why Japan has so many earthquakes, their parking garages, capsule hotels, and a traditional Japanese home. Regretfully, we ran out of time before a Japanese friend of mine could come to talk to our classes about every day life in Japan. It has been a fun chapter that the kids are really enjoying. 

Mr. Flores Spanish Class

In our level 2 Spanish Class we are reading an interesting novel called, “Taking Sides” by Gary Soto. It’s a novel inspired by two teenagers who grew up together in the same neighborhood and attended the same school for a long time. They shared a lot of personal experiences together until they were separated by events. Destiny eventually brought them back together once again to face off against each other in their favorite game. These two guys had a lot in common but what bonds them for life is the shared love of basketball. They played on the same team for the same school but life shifted in a different direction forcing them to lead different paths. One of this guys had to moved to another county and different school. Their destiny set these two guys face to face once again, but this time in different schools and different teams.

To enjoy and read this novel students were split into groups of two or three members. Each student had to read one page to the group, rotating until every member in the team read their pages. The rest of the members were to listen to the story and pay attention to what happens in the chapter. Applying this strategy, the students have the chance to make comments or ask questions about each part of the chapter that they don’t understand. When this situation happens they can get help within the same group. Every day before we begin with the reading process, the teacher asked four questions related to the chapter that they need to read during the day. While the students are reading they will find the answers and at the same time, share their opinions while checking to see if the answers are right or wrong. With this part of the reading process it allow the students to get ready for the final test.

At the end of the reading process, the students will have to complete two extra activities. The first is to search for vocabulary words used in the story in a word search. The second part is a lesson review about the thirteen chapters that they had to read. The intention for these activities is to help students have better  support in getting ready for the final test.

In Spanish class we believe that the love for the reading helps contribute to making a critical student, with different features and potentials, capable to change the world.

What are you reading at this time?

Preparing to become ACE writers

Eighth grade student are learning to use ACE steps when supporting their writing.  Ace helps us Answer the question, Cite evidence from the text using the author’s words, Explain in our own words how the evidence supports the answer, and summarize our response in a summary sentence.  The beauty of the ACE strategy is that it can be used in any class, or when research writing. Eighth grade students recently used the method in several classes.  In Language Arts, students read a book, took notes, then answered constructed questions concerning a character of their choice.  Students feel this method helps them organize their writing as well as easily provide support for their thoughts.  

Make A Wish

Arthur-mania has hit Lexington Middle School. Arthur Zamudio had been working with the good folks at Make-A-Wish foundation to develop a film based off of his drawings. He was surprised with a special presentation of “UGS Arthur’s Day Off” at the World  Theater Kearney and a few days later was additionally surprised as an encore presentation was given at LMS. The crowd enjoyed seeing this presentation, and we are blessed to have a movie star in our midst. We here at LMS will be waitingwith anticipation for what Arthur’s illustrious career will hold!