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LMS recognized as an Apple Distinguished School

LEXINGTON, Nebraska __ May 22, 2012 __ Lexington Middle School is pleased to announce that it has been named an Apple Distinguished School for its exemplary program that leverages cutting edge technologies and teaching practices to create a dynamic 21st Century learning environment.

The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for schools that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership.  Lexington Middle School is one of 56 schools in the United States to be honored.

The selection of Lexington Middle School as an Apple Distinguished School highlights its successes in enhancing and extending teaching and learning with the thoughtful and innovative implementation of technology. Lexington Middle School principal Dean Tickle stated, "The recognition from Apple is a tremendous honor for our school. Our community, Board of Education, technology staff, and teachers have made a commitment to provide our students with the types of digital experiences that will enable them to responsibly participate and excel in the 21st Century."

"Our implementation of Apple laptops has allowed our slmsawardchool to create a global learning environment. LMS uses laptops to bring people from our community and around the world into our school via technology. Students are challenged to leverage technology to create and problem solve in all curricular areas. They also learn about being a good digital citizen and what it means to be an ethical member of a global society," Tickle stated.

In addition to student use of MacBook computers, teachers also benefit from enhanced technology. Educators use computers to better track student achievement, analyze data, and make changes in instruction with increased speed. Additionally, online collaboration tools allow teachers to exchange ideas and digital resources with people around the world. This broadens students? experiences, too, as teachers are able to translate and transform this shared content into dynamic learning experiences in the classroom. The 1-to-1 environment has exponentially increased educational possibilities and experiences, allowing learning and teaching to extend beyond the school walls.


Hour of Code

National Computer Science Education Week begins December 8 and to celebrate, students from LMS will be participating in a grassroots program called the hour of code.  What is it?   Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.

Students on the 7th grade Stripes team will be practicing how to write code and logging their hours on the website.  Log on to www.hourofcode.com and start your coding journey.

7th Graders succeeding with their new curriculum

The district adopted a new math curriculum this school year. Students are doing very well transitioning to GO Math.  The curriculum consists of a hardcopy workbook and an online component. Everything that is available in the hardcopy is also available online! You can access the book, help videos, and practice problems to assist with the learning of your child.

So far this year, we have learned operations with rational numbers, ratios, proportions, and how to solve equations. The students performed especially well at solving equations! They have impressed us with their abilities and they have been putting forth a tremendous amount of effort to be successful this year.

If you would like to see the new curriculum in action, just ask your child to pull it up on his/her computer. They can show you quite a few different activities that can definitely help them out!


Many students work hard at LMS so it is important to honor their achievements. Recently a fun ceremony was held for this very purpose. Two big events took place: first, LMS taped Mr Wall to the wall as a result of a successful book fair; second, honor roll certificates were distributed.

The ELL Freedom Team was honored to have two students make that group. The students are still learning their academic English, so consequently they can struggle during this learning process. Hibaaq Salat-7th grader and Guadalupe Navarro-6th grader have risen above those challenges and met the requirements of the Honor Roll.  Congratulations!

LMS Vocal Music

Life has been very exciting in the vocal music department this semester.  In October, the high school choir had the opportunity to partner with the Kearney High Chorale and the UNK Choraleers for a joint concert at UNK.  Our students spent two days on campus in Kearney working with composer David Childs preparing a concert of his music.  This is the second year that the Lexington High School Choir has had the chance to participate in this performance and it is an amazing learning opportunity for our students.

In November, our 8th grade choir students gave a special performance for the Middle School Veteran’s Day program.  The 8th graders led the assembly in the National Anthem and then performed the piece “One Great Nation” by Stephen Lawrence.  They did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure to participate in this ceremony to honor our veterans.

All choirs are now preparing for our upcoming winter concerts, December 15th for the Middle School and December 18th for the High School.  We are excited for the opportunity to demonstrate all that we’ve learned this semester and treat the audience to a great performance and some festive, holiday music.

In addition to all the choral activities going on this semester, we are also excited to announce that Lexington High School will be offering three performances of the musical OKLAHOMA but Rogers and Hammerstein on March 9, 10 &11.  Auditions will be taking place on December 16th at the High School and rehearsals will begin immediately following Christmas break.  

Edmodo, A Tool For Parents

Every year teachers seem to go toe to toe with students about getting homework done and turned in on time.  We are trying to instill in our sixth graders that it is their job to know what they need to take home and complete every night.  Parents and teachers should not have to hound them about it, but we do need to monitor or check in with them daily.  As you have probably noticed we do not have planners at the middle school, instead we use a website called Edmodo.  Parents can join Edmodo (https://lexschools.edmodo.com) by going online or using a web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) on your mobile device.  One piece of information you will need is your parent code, which is located on the bottom left margin of your child’s Edmodo account.  If you would like assistance with setting up you’re parent account come on in and we will have it set up in less than 5 minutes.

Another tool parents can use to see if their child is turning work in on time is Power School.  First, you will need to go to the office and get the login sheet for your child.  This paper will show you in English or Spanish how to log into Power School.  Once you are in you will see your child’s grades pop up for quarter 1, quarter 2, and the first semester.  Don’t stop there!  You can also click on each grade and if you see a little red triangle that means your student didn’t hand that assignment in on time.  You may also see an NHI next to an assignment, which means your child has not done that assignment.  Your student may tell you that they don’t have any homework and that they are doing well, but Power School will help you understand how your student is performing at any given time, not just at conferences.  I hope you will take advantage of these tools.  Together we can develop responsible, lifelong learners.