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ELL Honors

Last week, awards were given out for top AR readers and for Honor Roll. The ELL Freedom Team had its top reader acknowledged with over 75 points earned. We also had two students that made the Honor Roll for the third quarter. In a time when they are still getting a grasp on academic English, this is a major accomplishment.

Way to go!

Keep Looking Up!

Sixth Grade Science students regularly discuss our observations of and appreciation for the nighttime and daytime sky—including the changing phases of the Moon, the changing position of the Sun on the horizon as it rises and sets, and the changing position of planets and constellations.
Some Scientists have shared these digital creations they made and photos they have taken!
Coolness 10-16

by Aiden S.

Moon 11-08- 16
by Anai A.

Moon 02-09- 17
by Anai A.
Moon 11-10- 16
by Elsa G.

Sun 11-10- 16
by Elsa G.
Untitled 11-30- 16
by Jessica A.

Venus-1 02-17
by Jessica A.

Venus-2 02-17
by Jessica A.

Moon and Venus 03-01- 17
by Josue L.

Waxing Gibbous Moon 12-12- 16
by Sebastian D.

Dog and Moon 02-09- 17
by Amarilis C.

Moon and Glow 01-12- 17
by Daniela S.

Moon 03-02- 17
by Maricela R.

Full Moon 02-10- 17
by Ricardo K.

Green Light 02-10- 17
by Ricardo K.

Moon 02-10- 17
by Adrian G.
Full Moon 01-11- 17
by Miranda G.
Stars 11-04- 16
by Molly D.

Waxing Crescent Moon 11-04- 16
by Molly D.

Full Moon 11-13- 16
by Molly D.

Full Moon 12-13- 16
by Jesse A.

Evening Sky 02-09- 17
by Jesse A.
Waxing Gibbous Moon 02-09- 17
by Jesse A.
Moon and Me 03-07- 17
by Jesse A.
Waxing Gibbous Moon 12-08- 16
by Karen J.

Waxing Crescent Moon 03-03- 17
by Litzy M.

Sunset 11-04- 16
by Yazmin A.

Full Moon 12-13- 16
by Yazmin A.

Waxing Crescent Moon 03-01- 17
by Yazmin A.

Enjoy the view and develop your own appreciation for Looking Up!

Health Class

I want to share that when we do our projects in 7th and 8th grade, we go to the library for 4 days and research our information.  The 7th graders do their projects on the Systems of the Body and 8th graders do their projects on Teen Issues.

Mrs. Gustafson is one of the most amazing librarians.  She helped me with this by taking some of my articles and adding ones that she found and forming Live Binders.  This has given the students a direct place to go to look up their research.  She also has purchased books on every System of the Body and Teen Issues. Mrs. Gustafson spends a day making sure the students know what is available for them, so they can do their research and learn everything about their topics.

So very thankful!!  What an amazing librarian and friend.

Mrs. Gnirk and students

Living Skills

We are in the final quarter of the 2016-17 year. Each quarter we start with a new group of students and repeat the curriculum.

6th graders  will learn about family and caring for babies. They will develop skills and attitudes needed for character development, caring for oneself, others and managing resources.

7th grade teams competed in a St.Patrick’s Day cookie competition. They were judged on display, appearance, and taste. Boy were they good!

8th graders will learn basic sewing skills and techniques that can be used throughout their lives. Last quarter I had some advanced sewers who were able to complete a repurposing project where they had to repurpose an old piece of clothing without my help. Here are the results!


A Race Against Time

In 2nd and 9th Period Reading students are working many different skills to help them understand text. Some of these skills require students to comprehend while others have them identify specific information.  It is set up in a game format and when students do not answer question correctly they have to start over.  Students are in a race with other students to finish the fastest with the correct answers. The students have 10 tasks in all to complete. Students are not allowed to move to the next task without a code from the teacher.  So far the students are having a lot of fun the tasks. Their reading skills are growing and hopefully will lead to future success in tests. 

Common Sense Cyberbulling

Family Tip Sheet

Cyberbullying is the use of digital media tools, such as the internet and cell phones, to deliberately humiliate and harass others, often repeatedly. Though most teens do not do this, those who do are often motivated by a desire for power, status, and attention – and their targets are often people they are competing with for social standing. Cyberbullies often take advantage of the web’s anonymity to antagonize someone without being recognized. 

Click here to open up the full article to continue reading.


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