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School Supply Lists for 2015-16

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The art room has been a very busy place this year. Most students would say that making the plaster masks was their favorite project, and they have really made some creative ones! They also have had the opportunity to work with color using acrylic paint on the masks, creating pictures with secondary colors by mixing tempera paint and painting in perspective with watercolor paint. There are some amazingly talented children in our middle school that have shown their creativity in several different projects! A day without art is truly a day lost!



What a great time of year summer is! It’s hot, the pool is open, we can stay up later. It is also a great time to get to the library! There are so many books available that are fun summer reads. Give yourself 20 minutes each day set aside to just sit and read. Pick a spot around your house, outside somewhere, or maybe even at the library itself. Relax, find a book series you enjoy and have a good time with it.

The other thing the library has is free internet and computers. Khan Academy (khanacademy.com) is a great resource to keep fresh on your math skills this summer! You know how hard it is to get back in to doing math after summer vacation!? It doesn’t have to be. Give yourself 20 minutes a day on Khan Academy and work through the program that it gives you, or learn how to code over the summer with their programs.

Less than an hour a day during the summer dedicated to doing a little bit of work and relaxing with a book will do you wonders when school starts again next fall!

Enjoy your summer!

Be A Volunteer this Summer

The calendar has turned to May—school is almost out—what are you going to be doing this summer?  Most students probably have plans for doing sports, going to the swimming pool,hanging out with friends and perhaps doing some traveling with their families.  Those are all fantastic activities, but think about adding one more item to your summer “to-do list”---volunteer!

Volunteering to help someone else can be a very rewarding activity for you and those you choose to help.  It is an important part of being a member of our community or any community.  Finding a place to volunteer should be based on your interests.  If you like to be outside, find someone who might need help in a garden or perhaps an older neighbor who might need his lawn mowed.  If you love to read, check out the possibility of reading to young children at the library or at a day care center.  Finding an activity that interests you will result in a better chance of sticking to the task.

The benefits of volunteering are many.  Not only will you have the satisfaction of helping others, you will gain self-confidence and possibly even learn a new skill.  You will gain a sense of accomplishment and pride when you go beyond yourself to help others.  Try it out this summer—be a volunteer!

The Importance of Technology in the Classroom

 Technology has become a fundamental tool in the Lexington School system. Too often, critics worry that technology in schools has become a playground for students and less of a learning tool. According to the article published by SecurEdge Networks, there are ten reasons technology should be implemented into the classroom.

 1.  If used correctly, will help prepare students for their future careers, which will inevitably include the use of wireless technology.

2.  Integrating technology into the classroom is definitely a great way to reach diversity in learning styles.

3.  It gives students the chance to interact with their classmates more by encouraging collaboration.

4.  Technology helps the teachers prepare students for the real world environment. As our nation becomes increasingly more technology-dependent, it becomes even more necessary that to be successful citizens, students must learn to be tech-savvy.

5.  Integrating technology in education everyday helps students stay engaged. Today’s students love technology so they are sure to be interested in learning if they can use the tools they love.

6.  With technology, the classroom is a happier place. Students are excited about being able to use technology and therefore are more apt to learn.

7.  When mobile technology is readily available in the classroom, students are able to access the most up-to-date information quicker and easier than ever before.

8.  The traditional passive learning mold is broken. With technology in the classroom the teacher becomes the encourager, adviser, and coach.

9.  Students become more responsible. Technology helps students take more control over their own learning. They learn how to make their own decisions and actually think for themselves.

10.  Student can have access to digital textbooks that are constantly updated and often more vivid, helpful, creative, and a lot cheaper than those old heavy books.

Bottle Rockets

The 8th Grade Science students are building water bottle rockets.  The students chose one partner to work with on this project.  Before building, the groups had to do some research so they could design a successful rocket.  This research involved Newton's Laws of Motion and other basic physics concepts having to do with flight.  Each group designed their rocket and chose how many fins they would use, the shape of the nose cone, and if they would incorporate a parachute.  After designs were sketched and MANY materials were brought to school(including 2 liter soda bottles which meant a lot of soda being consumed), students began construction.  The rockets will be launched Friday and Tuesday in a competition against their classmates.

Students pictured (from left to right): Juan, Alvaro, Gracie, & Jasmine.