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LMS recognized as an Apple Distinguished School

LEXINGTON, Nebraska __ May 22, 2012 __ Lexington Middle School is pleased to announce that it has been named an Apple Distinguished School for its exemplary program that leverages cutting edge technologies and teaching practices to create a dynamic 21st Century learning environment.

The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for schools that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership.  Lexington Middle School is one of 56 schools in the United States to be honored.

The selection of Lexington Middle School as an Apple Distinguished School highlights its successes in enhancing and extending teaching and learning with the thoughtful and innovative implementation of technology. Lexington Middle School principal Dean Tickle stated, "The recognition from Apple is a tremendous honor for our school. Our community, Board of Education, technology staff, and teachers have made a commitment to provide our students with the types of digital experiences that will enable them to responsibly participate and excel in the 21st Century."

"Our implementation of Apple laptops has allowed our slmsawardchool to create a global learning environment. LMS uses laptops to bring people from our community and around the world into our school via technology. Students are challenged to leverage technology to create and problem solve in all curricular areas. They also learn about being a good digital citizen and what it means to be an ethical member of a global society," Tickle stated.

In addition to student use of MacBook computers, teachers also benefit from enhanced technology. Educators use computers to better track student achievement, analyze data, and make changes in instruction with increased speed. Additionally, online collaboration tools allow teachers to exchange ideas and digital resources with people around the world. This broadens students? experiences, too, as teachers are able to translate and transform this shared content into dynamic learning experiences in the classroom. The 1-to-1 environment has exponentially increased educational possibilities and experiences, allowing learning and teaching to extend beyond the school walls.


Parents Can Encourage Reading

Parents can play an important role in helping their children develop a love of reading.  As the sign says above the old cafeteria here at the Middle School, "Better Readers - Better Learners".  To improve at any skill does involve a lot of practice.  To improve at reading is no different.  Students that have good reading skills and habits also have success in other academic areas.  Some ideas that can be used to encourage reading at home include the following.

Plan a reading dinner.  Announce this special meal in advance.  That night, have everyone bring a book to the table.  Talk about each family member's choice and read parts of the book aloud.
Encourage reading in bed.  Help your child develop the read-in-bed habit.  Push lights-out time back 15-20 minutes if your child is in bed and reading.
Other ways to encourage reading include;
-Reading aloud to your child.  Read everything - books, poems, newspapers, magazine articles, etc..
-Visit the local library together.
-Keep reading materials in convenient locations in your home.  Encourage your child to use them, and let them see you reading also.
-Share books and stories from your childhood.  Pick one of your favorites and read it together with your child.
-Read the book that your child is reading in class.  You will show them that you think their work is important, and you might find the book interesting too.

Book Donation

On June 17th, a pair of devastating tornadoes tore through the town of Pilger, in northeast Nebraska, destroying the middle school library. A plea went out to librarians across the state for book donations. Throughout the years, so many people have ge


nerously donated so many books. We were not always able to use all of the books, but I had kept the books in storage, just in case. Wisner-Pilger Middle School library seemed to be the perfect home for the books. Just before school started, I made arrangements to meet the Wisner-Pilger school librarian’s son at my home to donate two boxes of 80+ books.

Thank you, everyone, for the donations of books throughout the years. Your donations made a difference for Nebraskans in need.


Middle School Physical Education

With the new addition and updates made to the P.E. facilities there are several new activities planned for the up coming year. So far the students have been working on Football skills, ladder drills, mile run, and various other fitness activities. The new gym is about completed and will allow us to have much more room as we will be able split the classes up and use both gyms. Some of the units we are planning on covering are going to be pickle ball, badminton, basketball, soccer, baseball, fitness, combative activities, and an introduction toweight training.

A goal that we are focusing on at the Middle School is to prepare students for the transition into the High School. We want them to be familiar with the High School curriculum but on a slightly lower level with slightly lower expectations. With the new equipment and great facilities we have acquired over the summer, the Middle School Physical Education program is heading in a new and improved direction.


The Living Skills class at LMS focus on  how technology and every day life affects the family.  To accomplish this learning,  students use computer-based instruction along with hands-on experiences to learn the subject matter.  Within this setting, students are applying science, math and common sense learning.

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade are into their first modules and some are even finishing module number one.  The module may be anything from baking a pie, taking care of children, sewing a tote bag or setting a table and using good manners.  One of the interesting components is in each module there is a section on careers.  Students work in pairs or threesomes to accomplish their goals in the module.

Digital Art

The L.M.S. students in Digital Art class have been creating websites. The assignment consisted of each student creating a website that would portray a mock business or a personal interest/hobby. The software's operational learning curve was substantial. However, I was very pleased with our students and their ability to adapt, use critical thinking, and problem solving skills to overcome the many challenges this project set before them.

Example of the complex software interface:





Check out some student created websites below:

Vanessa  http://site455574.45.webydo.com/

Claudia http://site456142.45.webydo.com/

Gracie http://site455230.45.webydo.com/

Evelin http://site455226.45.webydo.com/contact.html

Jaxon http://site455469.45.webydo.com/

Shane http://site456028.45.webydo.com/

Miguel http://site455432.45.webydo.com/