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LMS Scholastic Book Fair
During Parent-Teacher Conferences
October 18
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.



Wednesday, October 24, 2018

 3:30 – 5:30 PM!

 Mark your calendar!

Greetings and Happy New School Year!!!

It is hard to believe that we have already finish ¼ of the school year. It is more crazy that Fall in the form of Winter has arrived already. I was not ready for the snow yet. Still hope we get a bit more Fall before Winter is here to stay.

I look forward to seeing all the Liberty Team Parents at Parent Conferences later this week. We have had a very good start to the school year. I am impressed with many of our students and their work ethics. I have fewer NHI (homework NOT HANDED IN) this first term than I traditionally have had in the past.

Social Studies students have been busy learning about the Original 13 Colonies and how they started. When we come back from the break, we will continue with an engaging project on the same subject, then quickly move to our Road to the American Revolution Unit.

Also I would like to share a cause near and dear to me. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My aunt and one of my closest friends have fought and won the battle so far, as well as members of our LMS staff. So am asking everyone to “Think Pink” the rest of this month and encourage all female family and friends to get a screening this month.

Parents Promoting Student's Education

As parents, we can really help at home improve our son or daughter’s education? Here are some ideas on what parents can do to help promote their student to do their very best in middle school:

*Get to know your student’s teachers
      *Ask questions to the teachers and the school
      *Let the school know about your concerns

*Attend events at the school
      *Attend Parent Teacher Conferences
      *If you need translation, please contact the office for assistance

*Ask your son or daughter about school every day.
      *What did they learn in Science or Math or other subjects?
      *Do they have any tests coming up that they need to study for at home?
      *How did they do on their homework from the day before?

*Monitor your student’s time at home.
      *Are they making good choices with friends that also make good choices in and out of school?
      *Are they going to bed at a good time?
      *What are they doing on their electronics?

*Monitor your student’s homework.
      * Are they bringing schoolwork home to work on?
      *Ask to check over your student’s homework to see if they have completed the work
      *Find help, or call the school, if your student is struggling on homework or tests.

*Check on their student’s grades on PowerSchool.
       *Does your child have passing grades and doing as well as they can in each of their classes?
       *Email or call the teachers to ask questions if your child is not doing well in a class. 

The partnership between the teachers, parents and the students make a difference in how students view the importance of them doing well in school and how well they succeed each year!

Potential & Kinetic Energy

Sixth grade science has started out with a BANG…literally.  We are learning about potential and kinetic energy, and the National Team partnered up, and picked a project that best explained a change from potential energy to kinetic energy.  We had different varieties of pop and Mentos reactions, and different types of volcanoes.  One volcano used the typical vinegar and baking soda and another type had a mixture of yeast.  We also had ramps, balloon cars and of, course a paper airplane.

We had some grand successes and a few…well…not so grand experiments.  However, I think all the students can now explain a change from potential energy to kinetic energy. 

Taking Care of Yourself

With all of the stresses that life can throw at you, it is important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.  This is something all people can do to make sure they are ready to face their day.  According to https://parents.au.reachout.com/skills-to-build/wellbeing/self-care-and-teenagers, doing something that makes you happy can be a great way to take care of you.  Here are some different ideas: 

1.)  You can take care of yourself physically by riding a bike, going swimming, or playing with friends in the park.  It is important to stay active and this can help you feel good about yourself as well.

2.)  You can take care of your emotional needs by listening to music, working on a hobby you enjoy, or spending time catching up with friends. 

3.)  Take care of yourself by using creative outlets such as drawing, creating a video game, or even meditation.  

Find what works for you and create a routine.  If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, remember to pick something that makes you happy and you can’t go wrong. 

Parent - Teacher Conferences

As parent - teacher conferences quickly approach (Thursday, October 18), there are a few things to remember.


  • It is helpful if you check your student’s grades on PowerSchool so that you have an idea of what to expect before arriving at conferences.
  • Come with any questions that you might have.  Time is short with each teacher and you want to make sure that your questions are answered.
  • Teachers are looking forward to meeting you and working as a team to provide the best education for your student.
  • Homework and grades are not the only indicators of student performance.  Ask teachers how your student participates in class, and if they are consistently putting forth their best effort.
  • If you are interested in fully preparing to make the most out of conference time, check out this website for some great ideas. https://www.parenttoolkit.com/academics/advice/parent-teacher-conference-guide-to-middle-school


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