Lexington Middle School


 Speaking fluency in any language is very important because it allows you to express your ideas, feelings and your points of view with coherence and clarity. For this reason in our Spanish class we are working hard to develop this part in our students. We are focused on making activities that allow growth in this part of the learning. Our students worked on a project with a partner. They had to develop a conversation of what their routine is during the weekend. In their conversation they had to describe what activities they do during these days. They also needed to be specific at what time they have to do these activities and at the same time what kind of actions they needed to use to be able to do the activities. Each student has the responsibility to apply at least one more conjunction that they have learned during this course and what contributed to enrich the vocabulary in this unit. The activity was recorded allowing students to make their own evaluation on how they are doing in this area and create conscience of the importance of practice more in their foreign language to be successful in both languages.


On Thursday, March 19th, Lexington Middle School will host a reading banquet in the LMS Cafeteria. The theme of this year’s banquet is, “Book Fiesta!“

Each homeroom will decorate a table based upon a favorite book. The table viewing will begin at 6:30 p.m., so everyone will have an opportunity to see the 43 decorated tables.

Dessert will be served at 7:00, followed by a program featuring books, LMS students, a Latino dance group, and a stepping/machete performance by the women of UNK’s Lambda Theta Nu sorority. Students, parents, grandparents, and all of the community are invited to attend this special night dedicated to reading.

Tickets are $4 for all ages and may be purchased at the LMS Library or by calling Lexington Middle School (324-1257). Tickets will also be sold at the door; however, seating is limited.

This is a FUNDRAISER to purchase new books for the LMS Library.

Hunger Games

Dr. Suess gave a wise command when he wrote, “Be awesome! Be a book nut!” That is exactly the attitude we are trying to cultivate in 8th grade reading. Currently, in my 8th and 9th period classes, I am reading The Hunger Games out loud. It is a joy to observe the anxious faces and hear the sharp intakes of breath from students whose imaginations are completely captured by a book. Many students have gotten their own copies of the book, because they simply cannot wait for me to finish reading – they want to read it on their own time. How awesome is that? Sounds like we’ve got a crop of “book nuts” on our hands!

Scale Testing

In the middle school band this semester we have begun scale testing.  By the end of the semester the goal is to have 4-5 scales memorized and performed in succession.  So far the kids have had no trouble completing the scales and it has been a great learning opportunity.  We are lucky to have the use of video cameras to test the students so it easy to show them the parts they are struggling with or the parts that they are performing well.  In addition we are also preparing for our spring concert which will take place on May 7th at the Middle School Auditorium starting at 7pm.  We hope to have a great turnout for the show!  Thanks for all your support!

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree
A Seventh Grade Heredity Project

The seventh grade STARS Science students have just completed a unit on Patterns of Heredity. In this unit the students learned that through reproduction, genes are passed from parents to offspring in predictable patterns.

Students learned the difference between inherited and acquired traits. They also were introduced to vocabulary such as gene, allele, phenotype, genotype, recessive and dominant to better understand the heredity process.

After extensive study, the students used a tool called a Punnett square to predict possible outcomes for inheritance of traits. Each student selected a trait to research within his or her own family. After careful study of the trait, they created a Punnett square to display the potential genotypes of offspring. Students were taught two ways to express probability of the genotypes. They were asked to find the ratio and percentage of the possible outcomes.

Seventh grade scientists very quickly learned why parents and offspring are similar. It was exciting for them to investigate several different traits and discover why they are like they are! They will be presenting their heredity projects to their parents during the Student Led Conferences next week.