Lexington Middle School


The Great American Mail Race

 We are excited to be in our second year of the Great American Mail Race. 7th graders on the Stars and Stripes teams have been writing to 7th graders all over the United States. They are on a quest to establish writing relationships with other students, learning about their schools and communities. Many students have never written a friendly letter. The “Great American Mail Race” program enables students to practice their letter writing skills and create a pen pal friendship through letter writing. Currently, we have received 140 responses from students across the nation.  

Gift Ideas for Middle Schoolers

Parents, looking for some gift ideas for your middle-schooler?  There are always items you personally know your child would like, but then there's that surprise gift that could possibly make their day.  Or do you just need to see a few suggestions to get your mind going?

Helpful websites have been gathered to give you suggestions. Some are organized by price and some by gender.  Teachers, of course, love to suggest books, puzzles and games that make children think.  

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Lexington Middle School is partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive through the Future Blood Donor program. This program will introduce our students to the importance of blood donation and will help ensure hospital patients receive the blood that they need. Our students will have the opportunity to show leadership and help save lives by recruiting blood donors. Each student who recruits an adult to donate will be recognized as a Future Blood Donor with a fun gift from the Red Cross.

Right now, the American Red Cross has a significant blood shortage and is issuing an emergency request for eligible blood and platelet donors. Every donation matters, as blood is being distributed to hospitals faster than donations are coming in.

Achieving and exceeding your blood drive goal is critical and can help shore up collections. Please ensure your schedule of donors is fully booked, reach out to new donors, recruit donors on standby in case some donors don’t show up, and remind donors of the critical importance of keeping their appointments, especially now, when donations are at an unprecedented low. Every donation and every effort counts. Last January the middle school was able to donate 38 units to help others in need. This drive our goal is to reach over 45 donations. 

Our blood drive will be held on November 30th from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm in the Middle School student lounge. We need your help to make the blood drive a success! Here’s how you can support this program in our school.

To sign up for an appointment visit http://www.redcrossblood.org and use code lexnems to schedule your time for the drive in Lexington on November 30th. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the drive coordinator Lindsay Rosner at lindsay.rosner@lexschools.org.


Growth Mindset Research Project

The 6 th graders on the National team are doing a little research on leaders and change-makers in our world that have (or had) a growth mindset. Growth mindset is the belief that intelligence and abilities can grow and develop with time and effort. Our research focuses on what these people have accomplished and the ways in which they overcame the challenges they faced along the way. We are utilizing the LMS library website to find credible online sources, and learning how to properly cite those sources. Our final product will be a 3D model that will display what they have learned about their subject. They will have the opportunity to share with each other what they have learned as a result of their research. Hopefully learning about how successful people have overcome difficulties will motivate our students to persevere when they come up against obstacles in life.

Tower Problem

Sixth grade Science students met their first “Tower Problem” challenge.  Tower Problem gives them the opportunity to:
*demonstrate that students already do think like scientists!
*develop group problem-solving skills through use of manipulatives.
*practice observing, hypothesizing, designing, analyzing, and  reevaluating.
*enjoy building things!

Students use wooden blocks to build the tallest tower.  A “team” consists of 2 “builders” (who do not know they are a team until their names are drawn and it is time to compete).  The team has 2 minutes to build the tower.  The team may not speak after their names are announced or during the building process.  After the 2 minute building period the tower is measured in centimeters (1 point per centimeter), points deducted (1 point per word spoken during 2 minute building period), and the score is recorded.

Roles class members play during each 2 minute competition include:  timer (announces when 2 minutes starts and when 1 minute is left); recorder (records results); safety inspector (watches for safety problems, gets chair if needed, helps measure height of tower, counts number of blocks used); spectators (observe and learn, watch for words spoken).

Pictures show the first place team from each Science class periods.

123 cm
165 cm
165 cm
137 cm
189 cm

150 cm

Pumpkin Catapult
STEM Activity

October 31st , 6th grade math students built and competed in launching candy corn pumpkins from a catapult. This is a STEM activity that teaches students to problem solve. Students worked with a partner and were given instruc

tions, 6 rubber bands, a spoon, 9 craft sticks and practice candy corn pumpkins. They had to read the instructions to build catapults and then they practice launching their pumpkins. If they were not happy about the results of the launching they were to problem solve and figure out how they could improve their catapult. Students were allowed about 20 minutes to get their final catapult completed. The last twenty minutes students competed against each other. We all had a good time. Some students were successful in launching their pumpkins. Some students pumpkins went backwards, some fly straight up in the air and right back down, and a couple of them had their spoons break but we had a good time!


Majestic Theatre Contest

The 7th grade Digital Art students are working with the local movie theatre to design artwork that will be featured on the drink cups and popcorn buckets for 2018. It was a challenge for the students due to the fact that the design was to be monochromatic. The inability of the students to use color in their designs forced them to think outside the box and problem solve. The use of value and contrast between light and dark, coupled with their creativity, led them to some amazing results. I am very proud of them and what they were able to achieve given the constraints placed upon them.

The Majestic Theatre will select two designs to be featured on the cups/buckets from all of the designs submitted by our students. The selected students will then receive a new cup and bucket from the Majestic.  There will only be two designs selected in the end but they are all winners and should be proud of the effort and skill they put forward. 

Design example created by Abel Flores


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