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Homeroom 303 has been busy making blankets. These will be delivered to the Parent Child Center.

Middle School Begins New Explore Class

This year Lexington Middle School started the CTE Agriculture class as part of the Explore rotation of classes.  CTE indicates it is a Career and Technical Education class, which means its focus is on preparing students for college and career opportunities.  The main purpose this first year is to expose students to the diverse field of agriculture topics and understand the basic areas of agriculture. We have studied the history of agriculture and the innovations and technology that have changed it, the four main areas of agriculture as well as the livestock industry.  In addition, we have talked about the water resources in Nebraska and its effect on agriculture in the state. We also learned about the role of corn in our lives. As the program grows, look for more in-depth topics about the world of agriculture and careers that are available in this field.

Information Technology

Classes in Information Technology have appreciated the ease of creation using ipads this year! Applications such as, Green Screen by DoInk, iMovie, and Keynote have allowed students to become creators of content, not just consumers.

Sixth graders have concentrated on keyboarding for a significant part of their class work. They have enjoyed opportunities to touch on their creative side in developing Super Hero and I’m Thankful videos, as well as, experimenting with augmented reality using the app AR Maker.

After creating some amazing dioramas for their social studies civilizations project, seventh graders placed themselves within their models through the use of green screen and created a video explaining their various aspects of their society. Seventh graders can also be seen throughout our library (accessible with QR code) and library website featuring their Booktalks. Booktalks are video book reports created by the students using green screen and iMovie.

Life at LMS is chronicled through the LMS News, created by eighth graders. Students identify newsworthy topics, write scripts, collect images, interview experts, enhance with clipart & captions and merge segments in iMovie. Student producers have tried to make the viewing experience interactive with the audience through the use of QR links to videos and a survey. Each news team has done a tremendous job working together to make an informative program for Lexington Middle School.


Holy Buckets Batman, that’s a lot of Reading!

The 8th grader superheroes are working diligently to make AR goals, and in the process are becoming avid readers. Lexington Middle School prides itself on fostering an environment that aids in the development of lifelong readers.  Statistics show the impact that reading has on an individual student. 

Scholastic reports:
~A student who reads 20 minutes per day is exposed to 1.8 million words per year and scores in the 90th percentile
~A student who reads 5 minutes per day is exposed to 282,000 words per year and scores in the 50th percentile.
~A student who reads 1 minute per day is exposed to 8,000 words per year and scores in the 10th percentile

Not only does reading develop a strong vocabulary base and improve test scores, it builds empathy and improves overall wellbeing. We are very fortunate here at LMS to have a group of educators who take an active role in celebrating and supporting the development of reading. The picture below shows a few of our “Superhero Reader Leaders” for the 8th grade. These students have earned 100 AR points, or more, for the 2018-2019 school year. The best part…we are only half way through the school year!!!!  Our goal is to see success in all our readers and hopefully we can get all of our 8th graders on that wall!


Bringing Egyptians Pharoahs to Life

Students in 7th grade social studies classes were recently able to work with a new Application on their IPads called "Talkr" while studying Ancient Egypt.   The "Talkr" application allows the user to create a talking face from an otherwise still picture by lining up key points in the mouth, eyes and eyebrows.   Students had to find a correct image of their pharaoh, and then apply that picture into the application.  This gave the illusion the pharaoh was talking, as the mouth moves, eyes blink, and otherwise comes to life.   Rather than write an essay or report on a given Pharaoh, students were able to research their pharaoh finding important details and information regarding policies, building projects, expansions and other interesting topics. They created a script, and a feature of the application allowed each student to either record their voices as they read their report, or type it out and have the "computer's voice" read it.   Students enjoyed sharing their creations as they varied the pharaohs' voices as their information was shared.   A couple of students commented how much they enjoyed watching other student projects of the various pharaohs, from the famous boy king Tutankhamun to the lesser known Nubian King Shabaka.


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