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LMS recognized as an Apple Distinguished School

LEXINGTON, Nebraska __ May 22, 2012 __ Lexington Middle School is pleased to announce that it has been named an Apple Distinguished School for its exemplary program that leverages cutting edge technologies and teaching practices to create a dynamic 21st Century learning environment.

The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for schools that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership.  Lexington Middle School is one of 56 schools in the United States to be honored.

The selection of Lexington Middle School as an Apple Distinguished School highlights its successes in enhancing and extending teaching and learning with the thoughtful and innovative implementation of technology. Lexington Middle School principal Dean Tickle stated, "The recognition from Apple is a tremendous honor for our school. Our community, Board of Education, technology staff, and teachers have made a commitment to provide our students with the types of digital experiences that will enable them to responsibly participate and excel in the 21st Century."

"Our implementation of Apple laptops has allowed our slmsawardchool to create a global learning environment. LMS uses laptops to bring people from our community and around the world into our school via technology. Students are challenged to leverage technology to create and problem solve in all curricular areas. They also learn about being a good digital citizen and what it means to be an ethical member of a global society," Tickle stated.

In addition to student use of MacBook computers, teachers also benefit from enhanced technology. Educators use computers to better track student achievement, analyze data, and make changes in instruction with increased speed. Additionally, online collaboration tools allow teachers to exchange ideas and digital resources with people around the world. This broadens students? experiences, too, as teachers are able to translate and transform this shared content into dynamic learning experiences in the classroom. The 1-to-1 environment has exponentially increased educational possibilities and experiences, allowing learning and teaching to extend beyond the school walls.


Music Appreciation

"Eleanor Rigby", "Let it Be", "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", "Come Together"........Do you remember any of these songs by The Beatles?

Did you know that none of the Beatles played any instruments for "Eleanor Rigby"?  It was all done by hired musicians.  "Let it Be" was based on a dream by Paul McCartney.  John Lennon was sued for writing "Come Together" because it was said to be very similar to a Chuck Berry song.

The 8th grade Music Appreciation class has been learning about The Beatles and one of their assignments is to research a song by them.  Some of their research must include what album the song is from, when was the song recorded, when was the song released, what genre is the song, who wrote the song, interesting facts about the song and other bands that do a cover version of their assigned song.  Once they have found the information they can do a Powerpoint, Comic Life or Keynote computer project to share their information and pictures.

The students enjoy learning about The Beatles and even enjoy listening to some of their songs from "Yesterday".

AR goal reward

            Last Thursday, after a grueling day of NeSA testing, the 7th grade students relaxed and enjoyed their Accelerated Reading party.  All 7th grade students who worked hard and met their AR reading point goal and comprehension goal were eligible to attend the party.  7th grade teachers worked together to offer "movie rooms" where students could choose from a few hit movies or some oldie-goldies.  They attended movie theater style - with teachers making lots of popcorn for the students.  Non-movie goers (those students who did not make their Accelerated Reading goals) were placed into reading level rooms with a classroom book set.  They read an entire book and took an AR test to help them get a head start on this quarters AR goal.



Geography Alive!

This year, the 6th grade social studies curriculum received an overhaul. Gone is American History (which is still being covered by the 8th grade) and Geography has taken its place.   This is the only time when geography is covered as an individual subject at Lexington Public Schools. The new curriculum being use is Geography Alive!

Geography Alive! series is very hands on. As an example, when students first enter the classroom, they are taken on gold hunting expedition in Siberia. Half of the students are the mapmakers and the other half the prospectors. The mapmaker's job is to draw an accurate map so the prospector can find the gold.  The prospector's job is to decide where the gold is using the map their partner drew.  Using this, the students learn what information could have been added which would have made finding the gold easier such as grid lines, adding a compass rose, and making a legend.

So 6th grade students, enjoy your around the world adventure. You will learn about distant lands and visit exotic locations with Geography Alive!

Summer Keyboarding Skills

Summer is just around the corner and most of the students at the Middle School have taken a quarter of keyboarding to provide them basic keyboarding skills.  Now is the time for students to practice those skills to help prepare them for next fall--whether that is at the high school or middle school.  Just like sports, keyboarding skills require practice to perfect proper technique and increase speed and accuracy.

What are the important skills that students should be using and practicing?  

  • Fingers slightly curved on Home Row keys
  • "Reach" for keys on the top and bottom rows
  • Eyes on the screen, not the keyboard or fingers while typing
  • Computer/keyboard at the table's edge
  • Arms comfortably at their sides
  • Back straight and feet flat while seated at a chair

Although students will not have access to the school keyboarding software program in the summer, there are a number of ways that students can practice the typing skills they have learned this year.  Check on the Internet for free typing programs to use.  Practice typing a page from a summer reading book on the computer.   Try to type part of the time with the keyboard covered to check your technique and memory of key location.  Most importantly, keep practicing with proper technique to give you a head start on school next fall!!!  Have a great summer!!!

February and March Gotcha Pizza parties at lunch!