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A quick glance at a paper map (what are those) or a map on your phone will show you that Florida is southeast of Nebraska. So, with a plan and good directions one could make their way to the Sunshine State without issue. Now, is it possible to arrive in Florida traveling in any other direction? Sure, it’s possible, but after far more time, money, most likely stress. In an effort to explain his plan for “winning with money”, financial advisor and bestselling author Dave Ramsey often uses an analogy involving taking a trip to Florida. According to Ramsey, “a plan and good information is all it takes.”


Are hundreds of LHS students planning a trip to Florida? Well, no, but for the first time as part of our social studies curriculum our students are learning how to “win with money” via Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance course. This quarter students have completed lessons on how to create a basic monthly budget, how to plan ahead and save money for purchases, and the dangers and pitfalls of credit cards and debt. With good directions and a plan, we are equipping our students with the tools they need to be financially successful.