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     The Special Education Staff at Lexington High School is in full swing helping all our students do their best. Our team includes Becky Archer, Abbie Benson, Mary Reimers, Kathy Halouska, Tiffany Claflin (STARS), Stacy Strauss (Speech Pathologist), and Nicole Stewart (School Psychologist). Our team welcomes Kiley Labs from Kearney, Nebraska. She has been a great addition to our team.


     As always, our team philosophy is based on inclusion. Our goal is to integrate students with and without disabilities into a single classroom. Support is provided in the classroom by a special education co-teacher. The co-teacher helps modify lessons and suggests accommodations to make learning alongside their peers possible. Research shows inclusion leads to stronger academic and social skills for all students.


     Students today face many challenges. They need differentiated teaching styles so academics can be channeled to the way they learn best. They need high expectations along with resources to achieve academic success. They need support for trauma, bullying, mental health, preparing for their post-secondary life plans, and athletics just to name a few. Our students need people around them who value education and will stress the importance of being at school every day. Student needs are demanding and never ending, but the special education teachers, the staff at Lexington High School, along with the administration, truly care about the well-being and success of each student at LHS.