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What’s Going on in English 3?

-KayLee Schwarz


Hello from Mrs. Schwarz’ English 3 class. So far this year we have really been diving deep into the essential question, “How does independence define the American Spirit?” We have been reading written/oral literature from the following authors: Dekanawidah, Olaudah Equiano, Phillis Wheatley, and Jupiter Hammon. Students have been asked to reflect on what independence means for them in their lives, as well as what freedoms they have the privilege to have in comparison to our authors. Each student studies vocabulary each week, based on the stories that we read, and is required to test on them each Friday at the beginning of class. Students are completing literary and vocabulary work through our new anthology website, StudySync.

From the grammar end of things, students were asked to take a diagnostic test early on in the year; this diagnostic helped them to gauge where their grammar abilities were at after the long summer break. The results were also used to help plan lessons around concepts that might have been more troublesome. Students then practice each week through the website called NoRedInk. There is typically a grammar concepts quiz each week. Pictured below are students from my English 3 American Literature class discussing how to write a sentence about someone that matters to them, using an appositive. Later in the same class students then competed in Appositive Jeopardy for cookies. We are off to a strong start for the school year. Keep up the great work Minutemen and Minutemaids!