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The freshman and junior students have been busy over the last quarter.

The topic of Reconstruction started our American history 3rd quarter studies. While discussing plans for Reconstruction by Lincoln, Johnson, and the radical Republicans students had to come up with their own plan. Below are some photos from the students’ ideas for their reconstruction plans. They also had fun making time machines to go back and share their ideas in the past.

Western civilization covered a variety of events including the scientific Revolution, absolutism, and the Enlightenment. The ideas from the Enlightenment spurred on many changes throughout Europe and the world. The juniors created schools based on the ideas that they liked according to Enlightenment philosophers. They had to determine where they believe students fit on a scale of good vs. bad and share why they felt that way. They had to share Enlightenment ideas that they agreed with and would want implemented into their schools. Below is an example of one of the schools that they created!

Enlightenment School Creation