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        This year in English 3 Honors and English 3, students have frequently reflected on their personal reading habits. Each quarter, students describe themselves as readers, talk about what books they like and don’t like to read, and set reading goals for themselves to accomplish each quarter.

         By reflecting, students learn their reading preferences and styles.  Some students have discussed their reading journey, explaining that they haven’t always enjoyed reading, but if they find the right book, they like to read.  Sometimes students hit reading slumps because of sports or work, so they have learned to set aside a few minutes to read each day or week.  Yet other students talk about their voracious reading habits they’ve had since childhood.

        Students also have designated choice reading time during class each week. Students get to read a book of their choosing – not one assigned to them or one they are required to read for a class – but one they pick solely for themselves.  Students have commented on how this is the first time in a while they have actually completed a book – or even multiple books during the school year.

        All of this reading and growth would not be possible without our AWESOME library and librarians Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Buck!  They work closely with the students to show them how to find books they are looking for, recommending books, and providing opportunities to try new books. They’ve come and given presentations to our classes. They’ve offered suggestions on books to try when students are stuck. They’ve celebrated when students find books they enjoy. They are phenomenal! 

        We were so thankful for all of their support this year, we decided to throw them a surprise thank you party.  Mrs. Buck and Mrs. Schmidt thought they were coming to my homeroom to talk about their favorite books, but when they arrived – the room was full of junior English students thanking our wonderful librarians for all their help this year! The room was complete with streamers and party hats and silly “reading” glasses, and most importantly of all: readers.