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Attention Seniors and Senior Parents:


There are lots of upcoming scholarship deadlines for anyone interested in continuing their education after graduation. There are simply too many to name so rather than making an endless list, the following are places where students can start to look for scholarships and receive information on financial aid.

  1. FAFSA- Visit fafsa.ed.gov to file for free financial aid. This money comes from the federal government so it will require personal information including 2019 parent/guardian taxes and W-2’s. For a full list of the required information, click on “FAFSA Checklist 2021-2022” under the resources tab.

  1. Lexington High School website- Any and all scholarships that your LHS school counselors receive are posted on this site. There are numerous scholarships on www.lexschools.org. Then click on “Schools” and “Lexington High School” then scroll down to “Scholarships”.

  1. Visit the EducationQuest Click on “ScholarshipQuest” to access all these scholarships. You will have to create a free account if you don’t have one already. Over 2,000 Nebraska-based scholarships are on their site.

These are just starting points for our students. Visiting with your school counselor can help you gain more information about where to go. This is quite the process and takes some time. Start today!