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To bead or not to bead,

That is the



   By Julie Baker


began to fly in my brain when I found out I would be working with the students in Welding I & II. How could I assist these future welders in a subject area I had not taught before? After speaking with their instructor Mr. Nielsen, “Chief” as he is sometimes called, about what might be helpful, we decided to work on “honing” up on their measuring skills.

      Upon entering the class, more than one student went to bring me a chair to join the class. (Whew, maybe I could do this.) Then my education began with a new use of the word, “bead.” No longer would beads be an accessory to wear. Day two did not disappoint either. My knowledge expanded further when learning about grinders that were not for coffee beans!   Hopefully, the Welding I & II students will benefit as much from my math skills as I will from their welding skills. What a fantastic group of students! Looking forward to class tomorrow…